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Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs Advocate Martin Dinha said the province is poorer following the death of provincial hero Cde Eswart Chideu, who died on August 9 and was buried last week at Ashmere Farm in Centenary.

He was 60 and died at St Albert’s Mission Hospital after a long illness.

Adv Dinha said Cde Chideu, whose Chimurenga name was Bere Chipanichousiku, championed the land Reform Programme in 2000.

“Liberation could not be complete without our people having control of land rights. The late Cde Chideu had a vision and understanding that the land is the economy and the economy is land,” said Adv Dinha.

“He first settled at Montana Farm and then Chibhuri Farm and lastly at Ashmere Farm. In 2001, he was appointed village head of Dundwe area by Chief Chiweshe.

He later became political commissar for Madzibaba District in Centenary.

“In 2005, he became the district chairperson and in 2008, he was elected war veterans chairman for Muzarabani District.

In 2015, Cde Chideu became the chairman for Madzibaba political district. He immensely contributed to the development of the province.”

Born on September 25, 1958 in Chakoma Village under Chief Dotito, Cde Chideu did his primary education at Chakoma Primary School and St Peter’s Mission School.

“His political career started in 1975 when he joined the armed struggle. He entered Mozambique through Chipinge (Mariya Boundary). On September 1975, he reached Chikwekwete Base and travelled until he reached Chibawawa,” said Adv Dinha.

“In 1976, he reached Chimoio Training Camp. After training, Cde Chideu specialised in anti-air craft machine gun 12, 7 mm and M90mm rocket. After the attack at Chimoio, he went to battlefield at Takawira sector, Mudzi District.

“Early 1978, he was promoted to section commander and later became platoon commander.

“The following year, he became a detachment security. During ceasefire in 1979, he went to Dendera Assembly Point.

“After independence, he went to Middle Sabi (Tongogara Camp). He later went to Harare where he was demobilised and went back to Chakoma Village.”

In 1986, Cde Chideu went to Mutungagore resettlement area and became a village chairman of Sela Sela the following year.

He is survived by his wife Irene Chideu and seven children.

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