Prosecutor seeks protection from wife

Prosecutor seeks protection from wife

Ivan Zhakata Court Reporter
A public prosecutor in the Prosecutor-General’s Office yesterday took his wife to the Harare Civil Court claiming she attacked him in front of their children.

Edmore Nyazamba alleged that his wife, Patience, harasses him and threatens to cause havoc during his sessions at the High Court.

Nyazamba, who was seeking a protection order against his wife, told magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko that Patience was diagnosed with a mental problem, which caused her to be violent towards him.

He said she also calls him all sorts of derogatory names, thereby demeaning his public image.

“We have been married for a long time, but I am not living in peace with my wife,” Nyazamba said.

“She attacks me, harasses me and uses derogatory language in front of our children. She once fabricated lies against me and had me arrested but I was found innocent.

“She assaults me, and long back I used to retaliate, but now I had to move out of the house to avoid her violence. She comes to my office threatening to beat my bosses and she also threatened to come to the High Court and disturb my court sessions.”

Nyazamba also told the court that his various efforts in engaging family members to resolve their dispute proved futile, and pleaded with the magistrate to stop Patience from abusing him.

Patience denied the allegations and told the court that it was in fact Nyazamba who assaulted her, bragging that he was a law officer and nothing would happen to him.

“The main problem is that he is having a love affair with an interpreter from the High Court,” she said. “He is the one who assaults me and as I am talking right now, he is staying with that woman. He bragged that he is a public prosecutor and nothing will befall him since he is well versed with legal issues.

“He is the one who emotionally and psychologically abuses me as the woman he is having an affair with lives in the same camp with us. The violence erupted after I discovered love messages from his girlfriend in his mobile phone.”

Mrs Mateko ordered Nyazamba to bring medical reports proving that Patience was diagnosed with a mental illness before postponing the matter to March 22.

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