God had it in mind first and then spoke it. By having it in the realm of imagination and then transporting it through utterance into the physical world where it becomes real and tangible, thus prophesying.  
In other words prophecy is creative, thus carrying out and furthering God’s work of creating things into being if a prophet opens his mouth.

Who is a prophet? This is a million dollar question which contemporary believers and non-believers have been asking, but without getting a million dollar answer. Born of a prophet, in this article, I am going to answer a bit of this question. A prophet is a man of insight to the will and purposes of God.
A prophet is a man who inspires believers into action. A prophet is a man who awakens those that are spiritually asleep. A prophet is a man who keeps the church of

God on course. A prophet is a divine mouthpiece of God. A prophet is an oracle of God.
A prophet is a voice of God in warning, rebuking and correcting. A prophet is a man who keeps God’s eternal purposes in view. A prophet is a man whose head is in Heaven. A prophet is a foreteller and a forthteller, he speaks forth the mind of God and also reveals the future events. A prophet is a man that brings God’s people from backsliding. A prophet is a man that shows spiritual pathway and direction to God’s people. A prophet is a man that delivers God’s people from slavery and


A prophet is a man that restores all things and brings times and moments of refreshments, that is bringing revival in the church. A prophet is man that has power to pull down ,root out, throw down, to destroy and to plant. A prophet is a man who appoints kings over nations.
A prophet is a man that feeds God’s sheep and shepherds them and also he heals the sick. A prophet is someone who has the ability to see what is wrong. A prophet

is a man that brings light in the presence of darkness. A prophet is a messenger of God.

A prophet is a spiritual watchman. A prophet is a Seer, a man who sees with the eyes of God. In summing up all this, a prophet is a man who seats in the cabinet with the Almighty and can hear the discussions of heaven and can bring them to men. A prophet is someone who sees further than eyes of man could see. He can see into the future and have access to the mysteries of God.

God from the beginning has been reigning throughout ages with the assistance of prophets as His spokespersons and mouthpieces. At some stages, God warned the nations and their kings not to touch or harm this  elect group of anointed ones (Psalms 105:14-15 ).
Prophets are not to be touched or harmed, thus saith the Lord, this must show us how important and special are these people in carrying out God’s assignments on earth. God suffereth no man to harm His prophets and can even reprove people for their sakes.

In Numbers 11:29, God desired that every man should be a prophet. His desire is that every man should have an open ear and must have an eye that see beyond the present.
If the prophetic mantle comes upon a man, it comes with the grace of understanding and appreciating the will and purposes of God on earth. If a man can perceive into the spirit realm, he is able to bring solutions to his problems and other people’s problems.

God’s prophets are not criminals whom jails and jail guards should be waiting for. Prophets of God are sent to create peace in the communities by alleviating criminal activities through the preaching of the gospel and thus depopulating jails and prisons.
Prophets are men sent by God to clean up even our streets of prostitution, by preaching and giving hope to the prostitutes, prophets will be working in harmony with the police officers and the governments of the world.

Our father in the Lord Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, in United Family International Church, is a typical example of a prophet of that calibre whom the Lord has given to us as a gift.

We shall continue to give honour and glory to God for this gift of the prophet He has given us. Our church has more than 200 000 members nationwide. Some were prostitutes, criminals and invalid people of the society, but we keep on thanking God for Prophet Makandiwa whom He is using to transform lives.
Prophet Makandiwa is serving the kingdom of God and our nation through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the charity works he and his wife,

Prophetess Ruth are doing. Prophet Makandiwa is healing the sick in our society and is delivering the possessed through God’s power on a daily basis.
Orphans and widows of the society are receiving help on a daily basis. Prophet Makandiwa is ever thanking God for this nation and its leaders, for being a safe haven for God’s work that is why it is his daily priority and burden to pray for this country for its continual peace and prosperity.

Prophets are God-sent. The Greek word propheteria means to speak forth the mind and the counsel of God. God is prophetic in nature, hence man is also created in the nature of God which is the prophetic nature. God is ever willing to reveal His will and secrets to His people through His Prophets.
Amos 3 v 7, God promised that He will not do even a single thing among His people before He reveals it to His servants, the Prophets.

The Prophets therefore are said to be among members that seat in the council of God. Prophets are the first to know the mind of God and then relay it to the people.

The Prophets are the eyes and minds of God, members of the heavenly cabinet. That is why there is always a violent reaction from the heavens when his prophets are touched, embarrassed, harassed, persecuted or killed.

Touching a prophet is a shortcut to the grave according to Psalms 105 v 14-15, graves of sicknesses, poverty, misfortunes, even spiritual and physical death. In these last days, the prophetic will take centre stage, so it is therefore important for us to move in the flow and direction of the prophetic.
May I challenge you today, by asking you this question, do you have the prophetic mantle upon your life? I suggest you need it. We cannot be all prophets, but we can be sons and daughters of the prophets.

May we join Prophet Makandiwa in prayer and continue praying for our nation, Zimbabwe, for its continual peace and prosperity.

  • Takura Rukwati is a serving member of UFIC.

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