Prophet Edd Branson strikes gold

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Prophet Edd Branson strikes gold Prophet Edd Branson

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Natasha Kokai Lifestyle Correspondent
“To achieve what you have not, you must become what you are not. You have to grow into your goals,” said New York Times best-selling author, speaker and advisor Darren Hardy

On that note the quote highlights the need for changing one’s whole self, not merely one’s circumstances.

It seems all that glitters, yes its gold, if you want to change that depending on context.

Founder of Jesus Generation International Ministries Prophet Edd Branson has been appointed the director commissioner of African Culture Diversity and Entrepreneurship by the Global Diplomatic Council.

A position which was previously, held by great leaders and personalities such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former president of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete, Dr Margaret Kigoz — who currently works as a consultant at The United Nations, John Momo — the chairman and founder of Channels Television, Bill and Melinda Gates, Koffi Annan Foundation, African development Bank among others.

The official announcement was made on Thursday at a local hotel in Harare were prophet Branson said it was an honour for him to be bestowed such an award as the first Zimbabwean to be appointed such a positional responsibility by the global diplomatic council.

He urged Zimbabweans to be proud of their nation and do something that will benefit the country because it is not by mistake that one is a citizen of this nation.

“It is my humble plea to the people of Zimbabwe to embrace one another despite our diverse views, to embrace unity, love and hard work.

“When I accepted this role I heeded a call which is the basis of transformational social change not just on the continent of Africa and among Africans in the diaspora but in all the societies of the universe. I exalt from the bible the mind of Christ displaying Christ’s life of excellency, humility and service for all.

“It is my humble gesture to share with my citizens and I am pleased and humbled to become the first Zimbabwean citizen to be appointed such a position of responsibility and accountability by the global diplomatic council and international commission of diplomacy to which that I thank the Lord God Almighty in Heaven.

“I believe that excellency is not only in academia, I believe that excellency is a mind-set that you apply to yourself. It is not only the Government’s responsibility but it’s our responsibility. What can you do in your own capacity to better the flag of Zimbabwe. Anywhere I go I speak of my country Zimbabwe despite what they say I brag about Zimbabwe like it’s a country that is situated on Mars,” he said.

Prophet Branson said he is going to advocate for women inclusion in all societal roles because it is now time to recognise and acknowledge women and he promised to open doors for them so that they will tell their own story.

“We believe that women need to have an active role in the society but it is a shame that women have always been put under. We need to appreciate women in everything that we can because they can multi task unlike men. We are going to engage all women of every sector or group or organisation to see how easy they can have their voice projected out”, he added.

The Global Diplomatic Council is dedicated to promote global prosperity, economic and social development, security and peace by initiating sustainable partnerships between diplomatic services, inter-governmental agencies and so on.

Acting deputy director Multilateral Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mutsigiri Vimbai Gukwe Chivaura, said the appointment will go a long way in placing the country’s flag on the map.

“On behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Honourable Dr Sibusiso B Moyo, the Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Manzou and the rest of the ministry officials we would like to congratulate Dr Prophet Edd Branson.

“Such recognition to one of us is a welcome development in telling the Zimbabwean story of excellence in transformational leadership as well as socio-economic development narrative.

“Our message is also to encourage the role of people to people diplomacy, citizen participation and patriotism that prophet Edd has demonstrated hence this recognition,” he said.

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