Promoter Wezhaz on anti-drug abuse campaign Exevia “Wezhaz” Maoneke

Arts Reporter 

Local arts promoter and businessman and community builder Exevia “Wezhaz” Maoneke has landed his hand to the ongoing campaign to stop drug abuse being spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation and other development organizations. 

Speaking to The Herald Arts, the Chivi-born businessman said everyone must be duty-bound to join the fight against drug abuse and he is happy to work with Dendera musician Tryson Chimbetu and Zimbabwe Network for Economic and Social Transformation Trust (Zinest) in raising awareness around the scourge. 

“Drug and substance abuse has become a threat to national development and I am happy to play my part in supporting ongoing awareness campaigns around Zimbabwe.

“It’s sad that the youth who should be playing an important role in promoting national development and productivity are wasting away to drug and substance abuse. This is why I responded to the call for support from Zinest and Tryson Chimbetu. We are availing resources towards rolling out of awareness campaigns in tertiary institutions and local high schools using Tryson’s lived experience,” he said. 

Tryson Chimbetu, who recently hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons after falling victim to drug and substance abuse, said he is happy to share his story with the rest of the world. 

“After experiencing the downside of drug and substance abuse I then decided to play my part in raising awareness through outreach programmes to local communities as well as schools and tertiary institutions. 

“However, resources to carry out these campaigns were a challenge and I am happy that Mudhara Wezhaz has come through with the much-needed support towards this activity,” he said. 

Chimbetu said the awareness campaign will see him working with Zinest in pushing an anti-drug abuse awareness narrative and the same time bringing in speaker to promote excellence and productivity. 

“The campaigns are wholesome in that beyond awareness, we are also going to bring in other inspiring entrepreneurs to speak to the youths about chasing their dream and self actualisation. 

“We have role models that the young people should look up to and I believe working together we will achieve a lot more,” he said. 

A Zinest spokesperson said Maoneke’s support is a welcome development as they seek to take the stop drug abuse awareness campaign to all hot spots and strategic institutions and centres. 

“We started these stop drug awareness campaigns in 2019 working with artistes like Tryson Chimbetu, Progress Chupfumo, Sasha Amadhuve and Potipher Mopo to name a few. 

“Our focus area was Highfield with the climax being the stop drug abuse gala we held at Club Joy Centre in Highfield and attended by over 3000 people. The support from Maoneke is a good shot in the arm and allows us to reach more people with this important message,” she said. 

Maoneke,` who has over the years supported local artistes directly and through his Warren Park entertainment joint where he would give them entertainment slots, has continued to support ongoing community and national development initiatives. 

“I am fully in support of ongoing national development programmes as informed by the National Development Strategy 1 and Vision 2030 expounded by the President. 

“We have rolled out various community development initiatives in my home area of Chivi and this ongoing Stop Drug abuse drive gives us yet another opportunity to play our part in building a progressive country,” he said. 

“What Government is doing under the new dispensation is commendable and it is imperative that we complement their efforts in whatever way possible. 

“Community needs always outweigh available resources, hence the continued support that we are giving with my company and team,” Maoneke said.

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