Progress in Cabo Delgado reconstruction

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Progress in Cabo Delgado reconstruction Prime Minister Maleiane

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MAPUTO – Mozambican Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane has declared that the Cabo Delgado Reconstruction Plan (PRCD 2021-2024) is being implemented at a good pace in those districts of this northern province that have been affected by terrorism.

Maleiane expressed this optimism during an Extraordinary Session of the Coordination Forum for implementation of the plan, held in the provincial capital Pemba during a three-day working visit by the Prime Minister to the province.

“From the report presented, we can at least be certain that the displaced people are returning”, said Maleiane.

The coordination model adopted for the implementation of the reconstruction plan is working, he declared, and “the partners are seeking more funds to support us”.

But challenges remain in mobilising the resources to conclude Phases I and II of the Plan, which are the activities to be undertaken in the short and medium term. 

The short-term activities are budgeted at US$190 million, and the medium-term activities at about US$109 million.

The Prime Minister added that the government is also mobilising resources “so that economic agents, small and medium enterprises, can be on the ground.

“For economic activity must resume, and it can also encourage those who are not yet certain whether it is worth returning to their home districts”.

Cabo Delgado provincial governor Valige Tauabo told the meeting that, due to security improvements, more than 50,000 households who had fled from the terrorist raids have now returned to their zones of origin.

The report presented to the meeting detailed the rehabilitation of schools, health units, and other public buildings, as well as access roads, electricity and communications networks, and the financial system. 

All this was necessary to encourage the return of displaced people and the resumption of public services. – AIM

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