Private sector builds flats in Aspindale Minister Chidawu

Precious Manomano

Herald Reporter

Property developer Aspindale Park has been commended for pressing on with the second phase of its housing project at Aspire Heights Flats in Harare that are scheduled for completion soon.

Aspindale Park has 1 200 residential stands ranging from 200 to 350 square metres plus the area set aside for blocks of flats and a commercial zone for the supermarket and shops needed by the suburb’s residents.

In a speech read on his behalf, the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in Harare Metropolitan province, Senator Oliver Chidawu, said the flats are a welcome development.

“I am delighted to note that Aspire Heights intends to increase the density by constructing upwards adopting a four storey design. The development will not only ensure compatibility and complementarily with the existing Aspindale Park development but will complement the Government’s trust of building upwards as space becomes a scarce commodity.

“The proposed development will follow the Zimbabwe Human Settlement Policy on densification which recommends that at least 40 percent of land for housing development should be reserved for the construction of flats

“I wish to commend the developers for adopting this strategy which is in sync with our national policy so Henkik Investments will definitely complement the Government’s efforts to decrease the housing backlog,”he said.

A legal officer with the Henkik Investments Mr Joseph Razunguzwa said they said they are working to ensure that the Aspire fats are completed as soon as possible. 

“We started the project last year in October 2020. We serviced the area and sold 1 200 residential stands to individuals and several commercial stands, one of which now encompass a state of the art supermarket and shopping centre which now serves as the main shopping centre in Aspindale Park and the surrounding area.

“Covid-19 also affected our businesses because paper work to process our structures was very slow,” he said.

Aspire Heights comprises two-bedroom apartments.

The building is in Apindale Park, corner Kambuzuma and High Glen Roads.

Aspindale Park has a number payment plans ranging from one to five years. Potential customers can also get mortgages from their banks to purchase houses under the development project

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