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Prince Harry faces the music

14 Jan, 2020 - 00:01 0 Views
Prince Harry faces the music Prince Harry

The Herald

LONDON. – Prince Harry arrived at Sandringham yesterday morning to finally face the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William for the first time since quitting as a senior royal with Meghan “dialling in” to support her husband from Canada.

The Duke of Sussex wants his 93-year-old grandmother, father and brother to let him and his wife keep their royal titles while living abroad and grabbing “financial independence” to earn their own money using the Sussex brand, which experts say could be worth £400 million.

Harry drove into Sandringham via its rear entrance in a blacked-out Range Rover Evoque at 11.20am — just as he and his older brother released their first joint statement since the abdication crisis blasting claims William has been bullying the Sussexes.

William arrived from nearby Anmer Hall at 1.45pm — 15 minutes before the 2pm meeting started — suggesting he chose to miss lunch with his brother and the Queen, who has been there since Christmas, as well as Charles, who arrived by helicopter yesterday.

Her Majesty has been supported by Prince Philip throughout the abdication crisis and her husband of 72 years has acted as her sounding board for finding a solution.

The Duke of Edinburgh ducked out of the palace before the mega-summit started, leaving his wife to broker the deal, but is said to be furious with his grandson and his Californian-born wife.

The Times claimed today that Meghan told Harry she must step away from the royal family just 20 months after marrying into it, partly blaming his older brother’s “bullying attitude” and told her husband over Christmas: “It’s not working for me”.

But hitting back, Harry and William said today it was a “false story”, adding: “For brothers who care so deeply about the issues surrounding mental health, the use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially harmful”.

Harry will be warned in Sandringham’s Long Library there are formidable obstacles that will take months to overcome before he can stand down as a senior royal – but the Queen says the family must come up with a “direction of travel” for the prince and Meghan, who is in Vancouver with Archie.

Her Majesty is said to want guarantees that the proposed Sussex business empire doesn’t damage the royal family.

William and Charles are expected to reject the couple’s demands for taxpayer-funded police bodyguards while in the UK and are concerned about the environmental impact of criss-crossing the Atlantic to carry out royal duties in Britain and across the globe.

Charles is also said to be “hurt” by Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit because he has secretly given them millions to fund their lavish lifestyle and furnish their Windsor home in a show of “love” for the couple since they married 20 months ago, according to the Evening Standard.- Daily Mail.

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