Pretty Hurts as Rihanna’s Fenty comes to Zimbabwe

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Pretty Hurts as Rihanna’s Fenty comes to Zimbabwe Some of the Fenty products

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo-Senior Lifestyle Writer

“Ms Third Ward, your first question

What is your aspiration in life?”

“Oh, my aspiration in life would be

To be happy”

Mama said, “you’re a pretty girl”

What’s in your head, it doesn’t matter? 

Brush your hair, fix your teeth.

What you wear is all that matters . . .”

Goes the “Pretty Hurts” lyrics by Grammy award winner Beyonce Knowles.

Awkward is it, having the lyrics of Beyonce on US-based business mogul musician Rihanna’s story about Fenty products?

Somehow history has it that when it comes to celebrity feuds, Beyoncé and Rihanna always seem to come to the fore. 

For years, it has been alleged that these two never saw eye to eye and actually considered each other rivals. 

Fans are certain that their feud was more than 10 years in the making but since both women are notoriously private, their ill-feelings for one another have never been confirmed or denied.

Enough of that.

On Wednesday social media, especially in Africa, was agog after Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Robyn Rihanna Fenty announced on Twitter that her skincare and make up range, Fenty, is coming to Africa and the countries mentioned included Zimbabwe.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

“I have been waiting for this moment!!! @fentybeauty and @fentyskin are finally dropping in Africa. Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  We are coming at ya, May 27th and that’s just the beginning! FentyAfrica”, she posted.

It seemed that the cosmetic brands back then such as Coty, Estee Lauder, L’Oréal, LVMH, New Avon and Glossier among others for the so called fashion conscious in the country were beyond the reach of many.

Now thanks to Rihanna who has seen it necessary to push the brand locally because when it comes to beauty and make-up, women have no boundaries.

Should we say that Zimbabwe has made its mark on the beauty product amid revelations the Fenty products are going to land on 27 May.

Outside the pricing, the clientele will likely to use the product penetration and what is clear is that Zimbabwe beauty enthusiasts will be spoilt for choices, either way looking like their role model Rihanna as they so wish.

But what are the Fenty products, which have left many women talking?

A survey by Yours Truly on some of the reviews on the product by showed that the “Umbrella” hit maker rarely ever disappoints.

Whether it’s expanding into fragrance with the perfect, light and dewy foundation, it’s fair to say that Fenty Beauty has truly shaken up the industry — especially when it comes to inclusivity.

That’s why Fenty fans everywhere were so excited for the launch of Fenty Skin, which comprises cleanser, toner, SPF moisturiser and more.

Since its inception, Fenty Skin has amassed fans in influencers, skin experts and beauty editors alike.

But as well as the highs, many are familiar with the lows of celebrity beauty lines and, since dropping, Fenty Skin has gained as much criticism as it has praise.

Though the products appear in#shelfies all over Instagram, skincare obsessives have pointed out Fenty’s use of fragrances and astringents like witch hazel, both of which are known to cause irritation in some people. 

However, Rihanna took to YouTube to address these concerns, explaining: 

“We never use more than one percent of a synthetic fragrance, and if we do, we don’t hide it. You will always know about it.” 

She also shared on Twitter that she has super sensitive skin herself and kept that at the top of her list when creating the line.

Some women were also curious to try Fenty Skin, particularly to see how it would fare on their dry and often sensitive skin. 

Intrigued by the hype, many are waiting for the product. Again on the packaging too, you can tell that they really thought about this and have worked not only to make it look good.

It is lilac in colour and ecofriendly.

According to the superstar, Fenty Skin promises to use post-consumer recycled material wherever possible and details how to recycle used Fenty Skin products. Sure, it’s not perfect, but there aren’t many brands working this hard at this price point.

Well, this was good news to some while to others it didn’t go well with them.

As they always say that, women’s worst enemy is another woman.

Some were of the opinion that since we have our own local products, why not invest in those rather praising the Fenty which is a new product?

But this is business, besides Rihanna is going international for that matter, who should stop her and why decampaign her? Surprisingly she might not even know you by the way, whether you like it or not, Fenty is coming.

For the betterment of the industry, we should not look down upon each other, it is not about competition, but complementing.

Well for a start, who knew the brand could be endorsed like we always wished for.

Remember in some of our local salons, images of Rihanna hairstyles still dominate the walls, with most ladies wanting to look like her.

Now with skincare on the shelf, definitely this is good.

However, some even went on to rant over who will be the brand ambassador for the skin range locally, where will it be sold and if it be affordable to the general woman?

These questions were raised by most women and celebrities.

After eight hours of the news release, some of our local celebrities and socialites such as Hillary Makaya, Ammara Brown, Samantha Musa (MisRed) and Tammy Moyo were later selected as influencers to attend the masterclass on how to use the products.

Ammara Brown

Get your facts right, they are not ambassadors as the social media have been stating.

A close source revealed that the Fentyteam Zimbabwe representatives had to do a thorough survey on the selected influencers.

Some were of the opinion as to why they were not dark skinned, but truth be told, it seems most women locally are now more on the light side, no offence henceforth the market size is centred on the Caucasian.

In an interview , socialite Hillary Makaya who also next month is launching her skincare brand MKY said it was an honour to be selected.

Before that Makaya could have launched her brand last month but due to some logistics she pushed it to June and little did she not know that in May she will be selected to be part of the Fenty influencers.

She said was going ahead with the launch of  her range and there was no competition with Fenty whatsoever.

“Fenty is a job and I am going to continue pushing the brand.

“I am launching MKY next month and it was long overdue,” she said.

“It was a great opportunity to get exposure and recognition from experts who have proven themselves in the industry. My publicist got an email via my Instagram page that I should take part in the masterclass.

“The masterclass was amazing and I learnt a lot as we were taught how to use the cosmetics.”

South African- based rapper Gigi Lamayne said it was a very big honour to join the Fenty Africa family.

Lamayne took to her Twitter to announce she would be one of the people involved in the roll out of the brand.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Gigi said she would join other young people picked across continents.

“Fenty Beauty and Fenty Africa are coming to Africa. I have always been openly part of the navy which is Rihanna’s following, supporting through Savage and Fenty and stuff like that. It is crazy how manifestation can work.

“Amazing young individuals from across Africa have been selected, myself included, to activate the process around being part of the Fenty family.

|”People familiar with the products. Really cool stuff that’s about to come,” she said.

 As part of their activations before Fenty Africa officially lands in Mzansi, the rapper said they had a session on Wednesday.

“We had the privilege of joining a masterclass with Hector Silva, the global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty. 

“He did a masterclass around beauty, skin care, being a musician and on stage and the fact that makeup is not just something that looks aesthetically pleasing, for many it’s an expression and something that amplifies how we look. 

“Being selected to be part of the Fenty Beauty and Fenty skincare roll it to the rest of Africa alongside amazing people like Ammara Brown from Zimbabwe and a lot of young key women doing the most is a very big honour.”

Meanwhile United Kingdom based Zimbabwean model Nyasha Matonhodze has been selected to be the Face of Fenty Africa, according to her post on social media.

“I have had a lot of ‘pinch me’ moments in my career, but I have to say this one hit differently. To be the face of @fentybeauty Africa’s global launch is one thing, but as a deeply proud Zim Girl and knowing this will be launching in Zimbabwe where my family and grandma are going to see it felt particularly special. Colourism is still something we are healing from, but when beauty companies make an effort to cater for all shades it does genuinely make everyone feel included. 

Thank you @badgirlriri I am incredibly honoured to be part of this campaign and most importantly it’s message,” she said.

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