President takes part in Cell Day

11 Jun, 2022 - 19:06 0 Views
President takes part in Cell Day President Mnangagwa speaks to Dambudzo 1 Cell Chairman Augustine Gijima, during National Cell Day in Kwekwe. - Picture: OPC Zimbabwe.

The Herald

Today was the ZANU-PF National Cell day. President Mnangagwa, the First Secretary of the ruling party, together with the First Family attended their party cell meeting at Dambudzo 1 cell in Sherwood, Kwekwe.

Dambudzo cell has 59 members including the First Family.

The party introduced this day as a way of strengthening its grassroots and mobilization units.

This year’s National Cell Day marks the beginning of a membership recruitment and voter mobilisation exercise as the party targets 5 million votes.

A cell consists of 50 members. As of February 2022, the Party had 78 000 cells which approximates to 3.9 million members.

The ZANU PF Dambudzo Cell 1 Chairman is Cde Augustine Gijima. – Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services

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