President stands by Museveni Yoweri Museveni


Makomborero Mutimukulu—
President Mugabe has thrown his weight behind Ugandan leader Mr Yoweri Museveni’s fight against homosexuality, hinting that Government will soon deal decisively with the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe which has been clamouring for recognition of “gay rights” locally.

Speaking at a cocktail party the First Family hosted to celebrate the wedding of Bona Omar Mugabe to Simba Chikore at their private Borrowdale Brooke residence on Saturday, President Mugabe said his Ugandan counterpart, who recently signed an anti-gay law, was fighting a just fight.

He dismissed the notion peddled by countries such as the United States, that “gay rights” were human rights.
President Mugabe highlighted that the recognition of homosexuality was in itself a blatant disregard of the God-given institution of marriage between a man and a woman.

Threats by the United States to cut aid to Uganda to protest the newly-promulgated law was a clear sign that the West lacked honour, he said.

“It’s a terrible world we are in, a terrible world where people want to do things that they feel will enhance their own interests.
“They want to tell us for example that it’s a violation of human rights, ndozvirikuitwa Museveni iye zvinoizvi, for you, for us to refuse man to man interaction, kuti murume nemurume vachate. Mukaramba izvozvo you are breaching human rights.

“But which of these is a breach of human rights?
“Kubvuma kuti murume nemurume vachate kuchengeta human rights ikoko? Hakusi kutyora human rights? The human right you have as a man is to marry another woman not to get another man to marry.

“Ndozvatinoramba izvozvo. Zvonzi makarambirei izvozvo we won’t give you aid.
“Ndozvakaitwa Musevenika akaita law in Uganda just now to punish those who want to take other men as their what . . . I can’t say wives because a wife must a woman. In the Bible there is no wife who is described as a man. Husbands are husbands and wives are wives,” he said.
The President added that Zimbabwe would not allow children to grow up thinking that there was an alternative to the God-prescribed marriage system.

“Tinoda kuti vana vedu vakudzwe vachiziva kuti mukukura kwavo they will mature and marry in the same way as Simba has done, as Omar has done. Zvino kune zvima group, I understand muno mune chigroup chehomesexuality.

“Handina kunge ndachiziva ndakaudzwa marimwezuro kuti kune chigroup ichocho saka tinoda kuchiwona kuti ndivanani varimo,” he said.

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, called on the church to continue grooming the youth in line with Godly principles so that the country’s population regenerates through the marriages between men and women.
“President Mugabe expressed concern at the mushrooming of pastors of questionable standing.

“Every day at the office we have requests of people who want to come and tell me what they say they saw in a dream about me, muchazova zvakati ndozvatarotswa izvozvo. Zvawazorotswa zvino tahwina pana July 31, ko wakamborota here before that? Ahh kwete,” he said.

On a lighter note, President Mugabe expressed “shock” that Simba started courting Bona when he was co-pilot on an Air Zimbabwe flight to Malawi a few years ago. “Vana amai vanovanza zvinhu, even if they are First Ladies. Ini ndakanzi kune mukomana aitwa recommend nemambuya ekuZaoga asi nhasi uno ndanzwa imwe nyaya.

“Ahhh mati imi Simba aidzvokora mwana wangu ari mushandi wangu? Dai makatauraka rusambo rwusati rwauya takaita double (roora). Manje zvavachatiswa kare yafa kwedu,” he said to applause from delegates.

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