President reassures nation on prices

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President reassures nation on prices President Mnangagwa

The Herald

Farirai Machivenyika  Senior Reporter
President Mnangagwa has assured the nation that Government will — without fail — address the various economic challenges being faced by the generality of the people.

He said this while addressing mourners gathered at the National Heroes Acre yesterday for the burial of Cde Mishack Ntundu Velaphi, who died on April 29 at 82.

He also called on businesses to operate ethically, saying it was everyone’s responsibility to rebuild the economy.

“Yes, we are currently facing various economic challenges in our country such as foreign currency and fuel shortages,” he said.

“However, I assure the nation that my administration will resolve these issues without fail. Meanwhile, our businesspeople at every level must be ethical in their conduct. The rebuilding of our economy is everyone’s responsibility. We owe this to cadres such as the late Cde Velaphi and many unsung heroes who fought for our liberation. We owe this to future generations.”

He called on the current generation of Zimbabweans to play their role in the struggle for economic prosperity.

“We must as the generation of today, play our own role in the struggle of today; that of economic prosperity, modernisation and industrialisation for the betterment of the lives of all our peoples.

“Our land and all our natural resources must be fully utilised and exploited for the accelerated equitable development of our country and benefit all citizens,” President Mnangagwa said.

“As we move forward on the path towards growth and prosperity, our country needs men and women like the late national hero we lay to rest today.

“Like many living and departed heroes, who made the ultimate sacrifices to liberate the country, let us as a people and as a nation pledge ourselves to put the interests of our beloved country above our own personal interests.”

Businesses have been wantonly raising prices of basic commodities based on the movement of the exchange rate on the black market. Consumers are struggling to keep pace with the wave of frequent, and in instances, unjustified price hikes, as the majority of employers have not increased salaries.

Government has responded by strengthening its policies and resource support through the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) to stabilise prices and cushion workers from businesses bent on profiteering.

President Mnangagwa has also established a 26-member Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) to advise and assist him in formulating key economic policies and strategies that advance Vision 2030. Vision 2030 entails making Zimbabwe an upper middle-income country with gross national income (GNI) per capita of between $3,896 and $12,055, according to the World Bank’s technical calculations, implying high standards of living for citizens.

The advisory council comprises experts and leaders drawn from diverse sectors like business, health and social protection, agriculture, governance and human rights, faith-based organisations, tourism, education, minorities, ICT, civic society, communication and media management.

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