President reassures global community

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President reassures  global community President-elect Mnangagwa

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President-elect Mnangagwa on Monday assured the international community that his Government will implement their recommendations to promote electoral transparency and accountability.

In a statement posted on his social media accounts Twitter and Facebook, the President-elect said investigations were on course to establish the cause of last week’s violence that claimed six lives.

On Friday, the President-elect said he will set up a commission of inquiry constituted by both locals and foreigners to look into the skirmishes, while promoting accountability.

Yesterday, he said despite last week’s setback, citizens should enjoy their freedoms.

“Recommendations from the international community are welcome and will be implemented,” said President-elect Mnangagwa.

“Transparency and accountability remain paramount. And despite the naysayers, in this new Zimbabwe, freedom will reign.”

President-elect Mnangagwa reiterated that violence had no place in a new Zimbabwe where every citizen should enjoy his or her freedoms.

“The violence that followed was regrettable and tragic,” he said.

“There is no place for violence in our society and allegations of further incidents concern us all.

“Any claim supported by evidence will be examined and investigations are underway as we seek truth and justice. We have much to learn from this seminal week in our history.”

President-elect Mnangagwa said millions of Zimbabweans turned out to vote in optimism of a new era following a peaceful environment which allowed them to exercise their rights without fear.

His Government, he said, delivered a credible election which has been endorsed by many organisations.

“A week ago, Zimbabwe went to vote in the spirit of hope and freedom,” he said.

“The campaign and voting process were blessed by the entire world.

“The final results were in line with polling and identical to the tallies of Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network and other foreign monitors. It was a free, fair and credible election.”

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