President opens Zanu PF ideology and mobilisation strategy workshop President Mnangagwa greets delegates to the Zanu PF National Ideology and Mobilisation Workshop in Gweru today.

Herald Reporter

President Mnangagwa has officially opened the Zanu PF National Ideology and Mobilisation Workshop here in Gweru with the party gearing for a landslide victory in the August 23 elections.

President Mnangagwa is welcomed by Zanu PF’s Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha.

Addressing journalists after the closed-door sessions, the party’s Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha said the workshop is taking place in the city of Gweru where the party held its first congress in 1964.

“His opening remarks were very strategic in the sense that he made reference to this place Gweru in the Midlands where there was the first Zanu PF Congress and the fact that he is the only one of the five, who were cadres that time who came to attend that congress and that he is the only one left, that in itself being historical makes people look back and say Zanu PF is not a party that came out yesterday, it’s a historical party, it’s a party that started way back,” said Cde Bimba.

He added that the historical significance of Zanu PF, defines both its present and future, with the onus on the aspiring legislators to loyally, and steadfastly work towards ensuring the triumph of the people’s party come August 23.

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