President mourns Wimbo

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President mourns Wimbo Members of Johane Masowe eChishanu Vadzidzi VaJesu Church prepare to carry a casket bearing the body of their church founder Aaron Mhukuta Gomo, popularly known as Mudzidzi Wimbo, at the gravesite in Goora, Madziwa, yesterday

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Fungai Lupande Mashonaland Central Bureau
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday sent his condolences to the family and church of Johane Masowe eChishanu Vadzidzi VaJesu Church founder Aaron Mhukuta Gomo, popularly known as Wimbo, who died on Thursday in Harare.

President Mnangagwa described Madzidzi Wimbo as a friend.

Zanu-PF Politburo member Cde Perrance Shiri delivered the condolence message at Centre Africa Zimbabwe Headquarters at Goora in Madziwa where Madzidzi Wimbo was laid to rest yesterday.

Madzidzi Wimbo (96), also known as Majinetsa, died of pneumonia on Thursday morning at Arundel Hospital.

“Before becoming President, President Mnangagwa visited the late Madzidzi Wimbo.

“In his first rallies, his first port of call was at Siyalima in Guruve and this church,” said Cde Shiri.

“This shows the respect he has for this church and for its leader Mudzidzi Wimbo.

“This church is known for its good deeds. We have many churches in this country, some whose leadership are overseas.

“However, when talking about politics, these churches do not tell the truth about the political situation in this country. They end up being used to degrade our country and its people unnecessarily,” said Cde Shiri.

He added: “Mudzidzi Wimbo’s church originated in this country and understands the aspirations and wishes of Zimbabweans.

“They do not allow themselves to be used and corrupted by outsiders. You are an independent church.

“You are a church that does not allow oppression and advocates for the emancipation of the black majority and freedom of worship.

“The late Mudzidzi Wimbo prophesied about the liberation struggle before it started and who was going to rule Zimbabwe after the liberation struggle.”

Cde Shiri said it was sad such churches were looked down upon in come quarters.

“It happened just like his prophesy. The apostolic sect is looked down upon by people who think that the sect does not value education and does not have a zeal to prosper in life.

“To be truthful, the apostolic sect like this one values education. They have a state-of -the-art school which has plenty of computers.

“We thank the light that Madzidzi Wimbo showed us on issues of education. He taught his congregants to do self-jobs and survive on the sweat on their labour.”

Cde Shiri thanked the church for its unwavering support for Zanu-PF.

He urged the church to fulfil Madzidzi Wimbo’s wish by giving Zanu-PF a resounding victory in the upcoming elections.

“Madzidzi Wimbo was a friend to the Government and it is easy to govern in places where his churches are.

“He supported Zanu-PF and he emphasised that people cannot have freedom of worship without recognising the party that brought independence. He is a hero to the party. We cannot talk about Zanu-PF and leave out his name,” said Cde Shiri.

Madzidzi Wimbo was buried before his four children and few relatives, including Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba and Mr Tavengwa Chihuri.

His two wives and other children did not attend the burial as there is tension between the family and the church.

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