President blasts Prof Moyo

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President blasts Prof Moyo President Mugabe

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Prof Moyo

Prof Moyo

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PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday said Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo was using the media to divide and cause infighting in the ruling zanu-pf. The President, who was addressing mourners at the residence of late national hero Cde Nathan Shamuyarira, also criticised Prof Moyo for dismissing some editors in the public media and replacing them with MDC-T sympathisers.

“The views that he (Cde Shamuyarira, a former Information Minister) put across (in) the paper was the view of the party that appealed to the people. I am saying this in the light of what is happening now where you have our Minister of Information wanting to put people one against another. It’s a matter we were discussing the day before yesterday (in the Politburo).

“You don’t do things like that; you want to build society — you put those who have principles in front and you don’t try to destroy them, no. The right of the people, yes, we must protect them, their religion, their culture; the freedom of choice, yes, but that does not entitle us to condemn ourselves even after the glory of July 31, 2013.

“Sorry, Nathan was semi-conscious by that time but I am sure he had that rationality to realise that we had won, and victory is victory, you don’t surrender it that easily.
“We must know who our enemies, even amidst us, kick them out and fish them out,” President Mugabe said.

The President also criticised some of Prof Moyo’s senior appointments in State media institutions.
“Intellectuals, don’t try to use your intellectual knowledge to deceive people. We are simply people, we want bread and butter. We are simple, we want honest leadership, the truth. Are you our leader, they will ask you the individual and you the all of you kana muchiita izvi?

“Ndiri kutaura izvi nekuti vese vakomana vakanga vakatungamirira mumaper vakatandwa kuchinotorwa veMDC vachiiswa kuti imi makati tonho muchifunga kuti tine munhu arikutiitira zvakanaka, the devil incarnate.

“We can’t have our people doing things like that to us again. Kana vachitengwa well let them go kunana England kunana Europe ikoko kune varungu vavo, this is no longer a country yevarungu. This is a country for black people, for us all of us together,” he said.

President Mugabe expressed his disappointment with the conduct of some of his ministers.
“Let us not, on this day, be seen to be wavering. Stand straight, principles are straight they are not crocked, this opportunism that is of a crooked dispossession. So leaders, leaders, leaders; be leaders, honest leaders.

“This is an angry time, time of real anger as he (Cde Shamuyarira) leaves us. He leaves us – me in particular – when I am terribly, terribly disappointed by some of our leaders.”

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