Power of praying together: Key to strengthening families The benefits of praying together extend beyond the spiritual realm

Laina Makuzha

Love by Design

It’s father’s day tomorrow people! 

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, biological, step or spiritual. 

Happy Father’s Day too, to all who will be celebrating fathers, all those who love vana baba vese, who honour and acknowledge them. 

When I think of the role of fathers in the family unit, I am heartbroken by the way too many families are falling apart and going fatherless for all sorts of reasons, some of which can surely be avoided.

This week I learnt of a social media group where married women and women dating married men seem to have a show down of words. 

They took the vile to new levels, where women confess to dating married men, were shaming some of the men they claimed to have dated, by posting their pictures in that group and revealing private business in that “private” yet very public platform- apparently, as a way of expressing some disgruntlement with those men. 

In the group I learnt that there were pictures of married men, some men of the cloth from different churches, clearly identified and some very private business posted for all members of the group to see and comment. 

It sounded like a movie or fake story, except it’s actually happening, involving real people, real men who are probably someone’s father somewhere. 

That group exists and it’s probably one of many such platforms. 

What are we doing muma marriages umu, what’s going on kuti zvisvike pakadai? 

Vana baba, chii chanetsa? 

Vana amai, taurai, where is the problem?

It got me thinking: In a world where relationships are facing challenges such as infidelity, financial hardships, family interference, parenting challenges among countless others, couples need to draw strength from somewhere, to keep their marriages. 

And I tend to rely on God and biblical solutions.

Even those dating with the goal of marriage will find it beneficial to consider finding ways to strengthen the bond with their partner. 

One powerful way to do this, which is sometimes overlooked, is through the practice of praying together, which not only solidifies your spiritual connection but also fosters a deeper emotional and relational intimacy.

Renowned author Stormie Ormatian (remember her books “Power of a Praying Wife,” “Power of a Praying Parent” and others) beautifully captures the essence of praying as a couple in her book — “Power of a Praying Couple.” 

She emphasises the significance of shared faith and communication in strengthening relationships. Through prayer, couples can express their vulnerabilities, hopes, and fears, creating a safe space for emotional connection and support.

Marriage counsellor Gary Chapman, known for his best-selling book — “The 5 Love Languages,” also acknowledges the importance of prayer in a relationship. He often advises couples to incorporate prayer into their daily routine as a means of seeking guidance, healing, and unity. 

Chapman believes that praying together helps couples align their values and goals, fostering mutual respect and understanding. The benefits of praying together extend beyond the spiritual realm, also bringing a sense of unity and partnership, allowing partners to navigate life’s challenges together. 

I know of a couple who faced a tumultuous period in their marriage, struggling with communication and trust issues. They turned to regular prayer sessions as a way to reconnect and find solace and indeed they rediscovered the importance of empathy, forgiveness, and mutual respect. 

Today, they credit their renewed relationship to the power of prayer and shared faith.

Whether you are facing challenges or seeking to deepen your connection, prayer can be a transformative tool for fostering unity, communication, and intimacy with your partner. I encourage you to take a moment each day to pray together with your loved one, expressing your gratitude, concerns, and hopes.

 Prayer can be a cornerstone of your relationship, guiding you towards a stronger, more resilient bond built on faith and love. May your relationship be enriched and strengthened through the power of praying together and shared faith. 

If your partner isn’t of the same faith, don’t despair, pray still, pray for them to be protected against the myriad of attacks that the enemy is waging against marriages and the family unit.

Don’t forget it’s Father’s Day tomorrow. Let’s love and celebrate those fathers, appreciate them and encourage them to stand as heads of their families no matter the challenges.

Your insights and reflections may inspire others on their journey of faith and love. 

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