Power of art in work places

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Power of art in work places

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Art has a way of drawing people in, particularly those individuals with sustainable income and appreciation of cultural diversity. This may be so because most people enjoy being surrounded by objects of creative expression that exerts an energy that makes them feel ‘something’.

A survey of more than 800 employees in businesses all over Harare, revealed that multiple companies have begun incorporating fine art in their workplaces. It was revealed that this practice has increased creativity, elevated productivity, reduced stress, broadened employee appreciation and enhanced morale.

It not only improves the environment, but employees stated that it increases quality of life, builds relationships and leads to networking opportunities Fine art in the workplace increases creativity and productivity, while reducing stress.

The purpose of fine art is for aesthetics, or beautifying the space. Having culture in the workplace can improve the actual workplace culture itself.

Acting manager at Phileas Fogg Travel Agency in Newlands,Robert, stressed the importance of fine art in a workplace. He said it helps “shape the company’s unique style, spirit, and character, and convey that character to employees, partners, clients, and prospective clients.”

He stated that the artwork chosen can either represent a positive and optimistic environment, or a boring and drained atmosphere.

It leaves a lasting impression both on the employees who see it day after day, and on clients who visit either once or frequently. Art is important in the branding of a company’s image as well as creating a pleasant and inspiring environment.

Businesses are more likely to receive added respect for being articulate in the arts as art helps to convey your beliefs, as well as the reason that businesses exist with a public interface.

A recycling business for example, would display art content that represents Go-Green, found object art.

“Since our first impressions are formed within just 7 seconds, it’s crucial to make a positive impact when your customers enter your space”, said an employee at International Labour Organisation Rosemary Hawarira.

“Exhibiting art really helps make a lasting impression whether it’s through a striking piece that instantly captures attention or more subtle art that conveys professionalism and calm”.

Security manager at Star FM, Cloudius Garwi said that a company should be a place where more clients want to be, with the right kind of art for business it can help create a great working environment. Happy clients are the best clients. Just as music can help soothe the soul great.

“Visual art helps to set the mood through-out the day. Happy and calm clients provide better work and potentially can help increase sales because art can inspire, especially art having conceptual and positive text content,” he added.

Choice of art tells the world about what we represent; just as our homes reflect who we are, office decor speaks volumes about a company’s values and identity.

Fresh flowers on the front desk or coloured chairs in meeting rooms are great first steps, but exhibiting art lets you truly project your own style.

It is in this case that turning an office into an exhibition space becomes a great way to get art in front of those who do not necessarily have time to go to galleries.

It can inspire creative thinking and give everyone confidence that new ideas will be well received.

In the words of Garwi, “Confidence is contagious so is lack of confidence”. Using dynamic, changing art can inspire and encourage staff to think differently”.

Art complements the environment. Beautification convey to patrons and potential prospects that you care, after all keeping a well-groomed environment makes patrons feel comfortable therefore they keep coming back and referring others.

Abstract art appeared to be the most sought after art today because it seems like people can connect to it.

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