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Poor funding threatens Lake July festival

12 Jul, 2019 - 00:07 0 Views
Poor funding threatens Lake July festival Tawanda Madzara

The Herald

Sallomy Matare Arts Reporter
THIS year’s edition of the Lake July Festival hangs in the balance after organisers of the event revealed that they have no sufficient funds to host this outdoor annual event.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, event organiser Tawanda Madzara said they were yet to mobilise enough funding for the event.

“Lake July has always been corporate-funded and up to now we haven’t raised sufficient contributions to host the event,” he said.

“A number of companies have expressed interest to support the event, but a few have given us their contributions. The pledges made so far, cannot even cover the cost of the event.”

Madzara appealed for more corporates to come forward with financial support.

“The difficult economic environment is making it difficult for corporates to budget. Marketing budgets for most corporates have been exhausted.

“This year we needed between $300 000 and $400 000 for the event,” he said.

Madzara they were being overwhelmed with calls from merrymakers and artistes inquiring on our plans regarding the festival.

“Most fans and musicians are enquiring us about the dates for Lake July Festival. We are heartbroken that there might not be any event this year although we are still weighing our options.

“We are considering doing a lakeside party in July. It is something that is still on the cards. We need more support from corporates to support this,” said Madzara.

The festival had become an important marketing platform for both corporates and artists.

“If we skip this event this year, it will be hard to bounce back. The Lake July festival has become an important annual feature for many revellers.”

If plans to hold the event succeed, it will be held from July 26 – 28 under the theme ‘One Lake, One Music, One Sound.”

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