Police in 5-day cybercrime training

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Police in 5-day cybercrime training Comm-Gen Matanga

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AS the anti-cybercrime fight intensifies, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has conducted a five-day train-the-trainer cybercrime first offenders’ course to equip officers with the requisite skills to curb the crimes.

This comes after Interpol launched a Global Cybercrime Expert Group aimed at bringing together the world’s top cybercrime authorities for the purposes of sharing experiences on technical offences.

Zimbabwe is a member of Interpol and has, for the past few years, been attending meetings and conducting joint operations to curb crimes.

In a statement, Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga said the officers who underwent training were drawn from various police training institutions.

“This is in fulfilment of the resolutions made on the meeting between Mr Bellouard Christophe Alain Jacques, the French International Technical expert and Regional advisor and Zimbabwe Republic Police held on 13 November, 2018 at ZRP Sports Club in Harare,” he said.

Comm-Gen Matanga said the training was premised on fostering close bilateral cooperation between the ZRP and the French Embassy on cybercrime training.

He applauded the French government for the close bilateral cooperation with Zimbabwe in the fight against cybercrime.

“The SADC Region has endured and continues to be plagued by continued cybercrime and cyber-bullying cases where our people are being deprived of their hard earned cash through manipulations, falsifications and any other sophisticated means, Zimbabwe included.

“The importance of cybercrime training need not be overemphasised since the world is dynamic.

“Criminals now use sophisticated means as modus operandi, so the need for cybercrime training is of great importance to the Zimbabwe Republic Police,” Comm-Gen Matanga said.

He acknowledged the tremendous progress made in the country in an effort to fight against cybercrime.

Comm-Gen Matanga said, “Among the efforts made include the promulgation of the Cybercrime Bill which now awaits presidential ascent.

“This shows that as a country, we are heading in the right direction in the fight against cybercrime.”

He said the training provided an opportunity for cross pollination of ideas and formulation of new strategies in keeping them ahead of the criminals in the cybercrime field.

“As we are all aware that dealing with cases of cybercrime is quite complex and sophisticated considering the ever changing cyber-environment in which we operate, the need for constant training is a necessity.

“As such the response should also be multifaceted in approach if progress is going to be realised,” he said.

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