Police impound vehicles fitted with bar lights Mashonaland East police provincial spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi (second from right) inspects a vehicle impounded for being fixed with a bar light

Victor Maphosa Mashonaland East Bureau

Police in Mashonaland East province have impounded 30 vehicles recently in an on-going operation targeting motorists with vehicles fitted with bar lights.

The law enforcement agents say the blitz is aimed at ending accidents associated with the use of such lights which are known for being too bright to the extent of blinding motorists coming from the opposite direction.

Police spokesperson for Mashonaland East Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi said it was unlawful to fix vehicles with bar lights and any motorists found with them would arrested.

“Bar lights are illegal, those who put them contravene Section 66 of Statutory Instrument 129 of 2015 which states that “no person shall drive a vehicle on any road in Zimbabwe which is fitted or affixed with anything that may cause danger to anyone in the vehicle or outside the vehicle,” he said.

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