Police hunt for Mufakose child murderer  Police officers remove the body of child.

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Police have launched a manhunt for a Mufakose man, Thomas Nyamhunga who ran amok on Sunday and stabbed to death one of his girlfriend’s son and injured another child in unclear circumstances Nyamhunga of house number 78 Crowbrough Way in Mufakose is wanted for a murder case after killing Emmanuel Tinenyasha Mauka (five) and another one for attempted murder after he also stabbed Andile Tawananyasha Mauka (eight) who is admitted at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.

The third child who is their older sister escaped unhurt.

Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Luckmore Chakanza said the suspect was still on the run.

“Investigations carried out so far revealed that the deceased was staying at the given address with his mother and his two sisters. The accused and deceased’s mother are boyfriend and girlfriend for almost two years but were not staying together. “On December 3, 2023 and during the morning, the accused went to her girlfriend’s place of residence and his girlfriend then left him at her house proceeding to Ngezi to watch a soccer match between Dynamos and Ngezi Platinum,” he said.

It is alleged that the two later communicated over the phone and were involved in a misunderstanding.

At about 8.30pm, Nyamhunga then retired to bed and slept in the same room with the boy while the other two sisters slept on the floor and by that their mother had not returned home from Ngezi.

Investigations revealed that a few minutes, Nyamhunga stabbed Andele Tawananyasha Mauka on the neck with a kitchen knife and she screamed before running away from the room to another tenant’s room.

“During that time accused person sneaked from the room and disappeared. The other tenants then got into the room and discovered that accused had already stabbed deceased to death before he approached the one who screamed. No sound was produced by deceased during the act but blood could be seen coming from the neck and one fingertip was completely cut from the hand and was seen on the side of the body an indication that accused cut the finger with a knife,” Insp Chakanza said.

Nyamhunga reportedly dropped his Itel A 56 Pro cellphone near the gate to the house and it was found by some neighbours.

It was discovered that the accused ‘s last message was sent to his wife at around 8.16pm with unprintable words. (a message which reads, “Mai Alice sorry zvako ndafira hure mai andire ndafazvangu”.)

Police attended the scene and also visited Nyamhunga’s house but they could not locate him while his wife was said to have gone to her rural home to attend to a wedding.

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