Police foil ‘anti-Tyson’ demo

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Police foil ‘anti-Tyson’ demo Cde Kasukuwere

The Herald

Minister Kasukuwere

Minister Kasukuwere

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
A proposed demonstration against Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Cde Saviour Kasukuwere over the abuse of stands meant for youths failed to take off yesterday, amid heavy police presence at his Makombe Building offices.

Some youths purporting to be from the ruling party had declared that they had organised a massive demonstration against the party’s political commissar, accusing him of corruptly parcelling out stands.

They accused the minister of selling residential stands earmarked for youths to Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya and the minister’s close as- sociates.

As early as 8am, heavily armed police were assisting security personnel in screening individuals entering the premises.

Those that did not have proper identification were turned away.

When a Herald crew arrived at the offices, the security guards and police officers manning the area denied them entry.

“As of today no one is allowed to enter this building without proper identification.

“All cars are barred from entering; you are supposed to find parking somewhere in town and you return with your identification cards,” said a security officer who refused to identify himself.

By 10am, more police officers had arrived in a police van carrying shields and baton which they distributed to their colleagues at the premises in anticipation of the demonstration.

Youths were seen milling around the building whose gates were closed for all outsiders.

When asked to comment on the events, Cde Kasukuwere said: “Who is demonstrating?”

Cde Kasukuwere was grilled by President Mugabe before last week’s Politburo meeting over the stands following reports that he had sold the land to Prophet Magaya.


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