Plaxedes still going strong, launches eighth album Plaxedes Wenyika

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Urban grooves singer and songwriter Plaxedes Wenyika has said she has come of age and is not intimidated by a new crop of musicians, as her type of music is still relevant.

The singer, who launched her eighth studio album over the weekend dubbed “Afrosoul Rhapsody,” said in an interview with The Herald Arts that her music speaks to a generation, yesteryear and the songs cater to the audience’s changing taste.

“We have talented artistes that have taken the industry to a new level,” she said. “The production quality is great for the leading artistes, their support for each other, especially this year with launches being shared on their social media pages and supporting as acts.

“I like that they are gaining more international recognition. Soul music, ballads by nature are timeless by nature and this works in my favour.”

The “Hapana Angandida Sewe”, singer said social media made her more relatable off stage and bonds better with the people that love her music.

“God’s goodness has kept me going, it’s not an easy industry,” she said.

Wenyika said her music is maturing like wine.

“Growing older, makes your perspective on life richer because of different experiences,” she said. “Being over 40 is quite liberating and has made my song-writing richer. Working with different song writers and musicians in South Africa helped to up my game. I am going international with my brand.”

The talented singer has been in the industry for 21 years.

“My debut album was “Tisaparadzane” in 2002, making it 21 years,” she said. “I cherish my fans and people who have shared how my music marked eras in their lives.”

Wenyika said the new album was found on social platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and ITunes, among other music platforms.

Commenting on her latest offering, she said she was inspired by love and life experiences.

“It has afro soul, traditional, rhythm and blues elements,” she said. “The album has 11 songs and each one has a special meaning. There is “Pressure” which is an afro-soul catchy song about refusing to let pressure from outside get to you.

“There is “Watoba Moyo Wangu,” a traditional Zimbabwean melody about the natural attraction between males and females and how our pheromones respond when we meet the one. It features Louis Mhlanga.

“Third song is, “More than a fling” which is about realising your fling and how it could turn into a special relationship, then on “Muchero” song, it is about spending time with your lover you have missed.

“The fifth track is “Runako” which is an ode to your beloved’s beautiful soul, while on “Amai” I sang about growing up and experiencing the truths that your mother told you about life. My seventh track, “It ain’t fair” is centred on how women feel after a broken marriage and “Eureka” track somehow talks of feeling good after self-discovery after losing oneself in a relationship.

“On the ninth track, which is “Story,” it tells the tale of one being in love with someone involved in another relationship while “Good  is a feel-good track about wanting a good life. The last song, “Queen in the Mirror,” is a celebration of self as a woman.”

Wenyika said the album was produced by Tino Beatboy in South Africa at Beatboy Studios and Jazzworx Studios.

“The album was mastered by Robin Kohl,” she said.

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