Pirates grab Sulu’s new hit Sulumani Chimbetu

Nyore Madzianike Senior Arts Reporter
ORCHESTRA Dendera Kings frontman, Sulumani Chimbetu, is still in the dark on how one of his songs “Handigone” from the yet to be released album leaked to social media platforms.

Sulu, as he is commonly referred to by his fans, has since launched an investigation into how his track found its way to the streets and social media while he was still working on the project.

“It is true that one of our songs leaked. I am greatly concerned over how the song found itself out of the studio and onto social media.

“We were already on its final stages before it leaked, and it is still boggling my mind as to who could be responsible for its leakage.

“It appears the measures that I had put in place to protect my music failed me after this incident. These are some of the things that we face in the music industry, which we must try to guard against,” he said.

The Orchestra Dendera Kings leader took to his Facebook page to express dissatisfaction after the song leaked.

He also uploaded the leaked track “Handigone” onto his Facebook page.

“It has come to our attention this track has been leaked from our forthcoming projects. Be advised we have fallen victim to pirates.

“The track is unfinished. We are still in the studio finalising on the next album. The last official single is “Ndunge,” he said.

Sulu also revealed that he has since completed recording his album despite the setback.

“We have since completed recording the album, and it will be released anytime soon.  The album carries eight tracks,” he said.

Sulu last released a studio album “Gunship” in 2016 and has six projects under his belt since he inherited the band from his late father, Simon Chimbetu in 2007.


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