Photography exhibition expresses new hope A picture titled “The March” by Charmaine Chitate

Photography from a scientific point of view is the act of recording light either electronically or chemically. Merriam dictionary defines photography as the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface. The National Gallery will this February stage the first exhibition of the year entitled Lost and Found: Resilience, Uncertainty, Expectations, Excitement and Hope.

Curated by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Chief Curator Raphael Chikukwa Lost and Found will be a photographic exhibition. Lost and Found like its predecessor We Need New Names seems to reflect the recent events that accompanied the political transition.

Zimbabwe is widely known around the world for its belligerent and raging history largely governed by strained race relations and contested histories and ownership. Over the last two decades Zimbabweans were characterised by hopeless and low expectations. However the 18th of November marked the turning point and became a perfect time to reassert what being a Zimbabwean citizen means.

There was jubilation in streets and parliament tinged with uncertainty about future following decades of authoritarian rule by the older. The November interventions rekindled the lost hope of Zimbabweans. Photography became the artistic medium of expression including close ups will authorise inaccessible figures all in which reinforce oneness in purpose and desire. Photojournalism and embracing of strangers drone images of the landscape fascination of dress, flags and symbols Zimbabweans posed for selfies with army officials expressing their joy and expectations for a new political dispensation.

All the images document an event in which the culmination of various agendas collided and produced a historic moment, which captured not only formally by artists but also by amateur photographers, well-wishers, and the general crowd. It was unexpected and brought a new glimpse of hope for the healing of the nation and for moving forward. Artworks displayed question ingrained history and engender new narratives based on memories and experiences of what happened.

The exhibition venerates the events that changed the face of power and the political backdrop. This November experience presents artists with an opportunity to recap the journey they have walked. The past 37 years showed the resilience of Zimbabweans and the new era brings excitement and hope.

Lost and Found: Resilience, Expectations, Uncertainty, Excitement and Hope Exhibition provide a platform for Zimbabwean artists to replicate and catechize the social and economic fabric in the country in light of its most recent political upheaval. The show seeks to reaffirm the position of the artist as the primary storyteller, using different media in this exhibition to show their voices are heard. Such images confront the traumas that have beset Zimbabwe over the years and are an engagement with the recent past.

The Lost and Found exhibition will run from the 22nd of February at National Gallery of Zimbabwe, home of comprehensive art. The exhibition is a flashback expectation, excitement and hope provides a flashback as well as a poignant reminder of what is important in our lives and country.

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