Peter Moyo maps way foward Peter Moyo
Peter Moyo

Peter Moyo

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
His voice has been condemned by several music lovers, but his stage work and arrangement of instruments on his previous albums cannot be ignored. He has two albums to date and has been soldering on staging live shows in different parts of the country. The Young Igwe has tried to cut expenses so that the money he gets caters for the family as well as relatives that rely on income from the band.

“My father looked after a lot of people who are still getting their food from the band. ‘‘I am trying to cut expenses so that we meet the costs,” he said. Though his band members still stay in Kwekwe, he has secured a place to stay in Harare.

“I have not abandoned my base in Kwekwe but we are having more shows here in Harare. So to cut expenses I have to stay here,” he said. He is working on a new album that will be released in April.

Will he improve on vocals on the coming album?

“I have engaged the services of producer Jabulani Ndlovu. He has his way of thinking towards my music and we will try to do that,” he said. Competition has become stiff in the music industry but the musician is confident his coming album will not be ignored by many music lovers in the country.

“We are taking a different approach on this coming album. We are trying to do our best for the people who believe in this brand and those who support us,” he said. He is now playing the lead guitar at live shows.

“In as much as I want to sing and improve on my vocals I also need to improve on playing the instruments. On the recorded songs I played the drum but at live shows I play lead,” he said.

He thanked his followers for showing confidence in him and the band. “Things are tight for showbiz but we are happy that there are people following us at our shows,” he said.

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