Peter Birch: School of art par excellence


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“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it,” once said great artist Michelangelo. With this in mind, parents should expand their definition of art as it can sustain livelihood and develop the teenage lifestyle.

If you are a baker or a cook, if you like to arrange flowers, if you enjoy the harmonious arrangement of objects in your home, you are an artist.

These expressions of creativity are as legitimate and valuable as those of painters and the other people we call artists.

Recently, Peter Birch School of Art hosted an art fair and they are continuing to promote the art in children.

An official at the school said, art is a delightful way through which you can record the development of your child’s growth.

“Just as you will notice that writing and reading improves with age, so does artwork. Creating art is a fine way for children to make choices and solve problems. Every step involves making a decision: what colour to use, how to make a line, what size to make something. With every choice the object becomes more and more their own,” he said.

In an interview with CLS, Tendai Mano Guzha said he was happy taking part in the classes and fair.

“Everyone has an imagination. Art takes it a step further. Through art, we can create something that, until that point, was only imagined. We create visual manifestations of abstract ideas,” he said.

He said children who may be having difficulties in other subjects in the school curriculum may find an expressive outlet through art. It’s a way to uncover talent that may not be seen otherwise.

“Art is a means of communicating ideas, feelings, and solutions in a way other than verbally or written. I do weekend classes and I enjoy what I see.

“The school is not only about art but helps you to grow your confidence and power,” he said.

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