People-first approach to grow MultiChoice in region Kemi Omotosho

Herald Correspondent

Never underestimate the power of any role assigned to you is not only a personal maxim that Kemi Omotosho, MultiChoice regional director for Southern Africa, has lived by throughout her career, but the sage advice she imparts to her team as well.

This ethos is driven by two significant factors: 

 Firstly, Kemi’s rise from her initial role as a call centre agent, a testament to her leadership philosophy of growing through grassroots experiences. She advocates for leveraging each opportunity as a stepping stone towards excellence.

 Secondly, her unwavering belief in the transformative potential inherent in every role, regardless of its perceived significance.

Her tenure in customer service is where foundational leadership skills were honed: an ability to empathise with customers, agility in decision-making, and on-the-spot problem-solving.

Kemi’s career progression is a narrative of continual learning and aspiration. From the key account executive for corporate sales to senior roles in customer value management, her growth has been fuelled by her proactive approach and dedication to excellence.

Her skill in customer value management sparked her ascent within MultiChoice, culminating in her role as Head of Retention in Nigeria, where she significantly contributed to strategic goals in subscriber growth and retention.

Beyond her strategic acumen, Kemi has a fervent commitment to mentoring and developing her teams, underscoring her belief that confidence, empathy, and boldness are core to cultivating future leaders.

As regional director, Kemi’s diverse experiences have equipped her with insights critical for overseeing the dynamic Southern African markets. Her leadership style—hands-on and front-line—ensures she’s not only leading but also empathetically engaging with her team to navigate challenges and celebrate successes.

Her forward-looking vision entails a holistic approach to staff empowerment, customer satisfaction, and business optimisation, ensuring MultiChoice delivers exceptional value and maintains its competitive edge in the region.

In Kemi’s words, “True leadership is demonstrated not through individual accolades but through the growth and successes of the team. It’s about recognising and nurturing the potential in others, much like my own journey was facilitated by those who believed in me.

Kemi understands that effective leadership extends beyond the office. It is rooted in the balance of personal well-being and professional dedication. 

“Recognising that we are as multifaceted in our personal lives as we are in our professional roles is key to nurturing a well-rounded and fulfilled team,” she states. As someone who juggles the roles of a director, a wife, and a mother, Kemi brings her whole self to her work and encourages her team to do the same. She actively promotes a culture where work-life harmony is achievable and respected.

In tune with her commitment to nurturing both family and community, Kemi advocates for initiatives that foster community engagement and social responsibility.

“A leader’s role is to anchor not just a business, but also to contribute to the social fabric of the communities we serve,” Kemi reflects. 

Through community outreach and by championing diversity and inclusivity within the workplace, she ensures that MultiChoice’s impact is far-reaching, positively affecting not only the company’s growth but also contributing to societal development. 

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