Pastor launches book on relationships


Kumbirayi Shoniwa Entertainment Reporter
His Generation Church pastor Evan Mawarire launched a book titled “What He Wants” at an occasion held at the Adventure Island at Joina Centre in Harare recently.The book focuses on 10 things which every husband “desperately” wants his wife to know including respect, nagging and sexually related issues.

Mawarire observed that most marriages broke down within the first five years due to a number of reasons with the top one being lack of sufficient communication between married couples.

Using a first person narrative, the book implores women to seriously take note of issues which men are concerned about, with a section at the end of each chapter dedicated to explaining how women can respond to the concerns raised.

“We conducted a survey and asked hundreds of men to answer a number of questions with the main one being what they wanted their wives to know about them.

“The response was overwhelming so we eventually chose the top ten issues which we compiled into this book,” said Mawarire.
The pastor is a passionate motivator and advisor of the popular “Sexposed Session”, an online youth discussion on sex and sexuality.

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