Pastor infuses music with preaching in soul winning drive Pastor Inzwirashe Matema

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Pastor Inzwirashe Matema, who started off as a street preacher in Harare’s First Street Mall, is now infusing music with the gospel in his soul winning drive. 

The affable man known for his witty teachings and in-depth knowledge of the gospel, told The Herald Arts that music was the “soul of life” and it has a way of inspiring positive change in people. 

“Famous writer Shakespeare once said music hath the charms to soothe a savage heart and because I know that soul winning is not an easy undertaking, I am exploring all the avenues to bring people to Christ,” he said. 

“I have taken to music as a way to provide a softer approach to soul winning. We want people to turn to Christ by any means possible.” 

Pastor Matema’s most recent productions are “Start Afresh” and “I Believe”, which both speak to second chances and belief in God as a way to mend one’s ways. 

“The world today is full of trials and tribulations for the ordinary man and it takes the power of the gospel and belief in God to turn around your life,” he said. 

“My goal is to take people to Christ through inspired music and a wholesome gospel that provides a holistic approach to everyday challenges and gives a compass towards salvation.” 

Pastor Matema has produced music before and he is also an accomplished guitar player. 

“Music has always been a part of me and I have produced chart topping music in yesteryears,” he said. “My recent dalliance with music, however, is more inclined to my call for salvation and the many initiatives I am undertaking to inspire positive hope. No one must be left behind in the quest for salvation.” 

True to his soul winning drive, leading Harare-based radio, Capitalk 100.4 FM, has engaged Pastor Matema for a weekly Monday morning bible teaching and inspiration session dubbed “Recovery Monday Morning Motivation”. 

“I believe the gospel has got an important role in shaping our people and indeed our country,” said Pastor Matema. “Even as we seek personal growth, we must continue submitting to God and praying for our nation. 

“The Monday slot that I have at Capitalk 100.4 FM with Pathisani Sibanda and Tinashe Chikuse is a good platform to minister hope to our nation and I thank God for the positive feedback and testimonies we are receiving because of that weekly session.” 

Pastor Matema, who leads a team of intercessors at a prayer mountain in Goromonzi, said it was imperative that people continued praying for the country and take all their supplications to God. 

“I believe God has got the answers and when we push for salvation, the hope is to take many to Christ who has all their answers,” he said. “We even have a prayer mountain in Goromonzi where we have daily and weekly sessions praying for peace and prosperity in our country and for many to turn to Christ.” 

Pastor Matema, who is also a televangelist with past preaching sessions on the national broadcaster, also hinted on more television and online preaching platforms to spread the gospel.

“The gospel must be preached to all people and to all nations and I will always give myself to this important call,” he said. “God loves us all and we must continue to love him and stay in peace and harmony as his chosen people.” 

The preacher thanked the various partners and stakeholders that have continued to support his ministry and call for salvation.

“The gospel is expensive because so much goes into soul winning and the various crusades that we hold to preach salvation,” he said. 

“I, however, thank God for the various partners that have continued to support our ministry. We are seeing the hand of God in our work.”

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