Pastor caught pants down


Ivan Zhakata Court Reporter
A Harare woman caught her husband, a pastor, in bed with a congregant, the Civil Court heard last week. Ndarwirwa Mugedi, the wife, made the claim after Isabel Mapfumo hauled her before Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko seeking a peace order against her. Mugedi told the court that Mapfumo had snatched her husband. Mapfumo told the court that Mugedi was coming to her house harassing her over the pastor who is her boyfriend.

“This woman is coming to my house harassing me and abusing me saying that I took her husband,” she said.

“She came to my house and took my mobile phone that I was given by my lover. She calls me a prostitute who snatches other people’s husbands and I beg this court to stop her from coming to my house and harassing me in front of my boyfriend,” Mapfumo said.

Mugedi had no kind words for Mapfumo whom she described as a husband snatcher.

She told the court that she caught Mapfumo being intimate with her husband.

Mugedi said her husband had lied he was visiting Mapfumo’s house for prayers.

“The reason why she wants a peace order is that I caught her red-handed having sex with my husband at her house,” Mugedi said.

“My husband is a pastor and Mapfumo was a congregant, so my husband told me that he was going for prayers at her house not knowing that the two had a sexual relationship. Since the day I caught them pants down, my husband is now living with her at her house.

“She lied to me at first that my husband raped her and I felt pity for her not knowing that they are having an adulterous relationship. I only went to her house after I received a tip-off that she was bedding my husband and when I caught them I just walked away, I did not abuse her,” she said.

Mrs Mateko ordered Mugedi to stop abusing Mapfumo and to keep peace with her at all times.

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