Partying with the river god Scenes during the Kariba Lakeside Entertainment Festival in Kariba over the weekend. — Picture by Munyaradzi Chamalimba

Robert Mukondiwa

There is something almost palpable about the energy that comes out of Kariba folk; they are super charged and pretty excited.

Which is perhaps a good thing when they focus their energy on having fun because that must after all be the reason they were gifted with the Nyaminyami FM-run Kariba Lakeside Festival, which hit their shores for a second time last weekend.

Bringing the best DJs from the arid patch that is Kariba and Harare DJs, most notably DJ Ash Stylez and his partner in crime Nivek, the event showed why there truly is a need to have entertainment for the town. There is so much energy going round.

What would one expect? After all Kariba is the electric city of power and the way the crowd was super charged you could be forgiven for thinking they have thick cables that they connect to for an hour or two a day as they recharge directly from the electric grid.


The many great numbers that thronged the Lakeside at Cutty Sark Hotel, itself an iconic hotel regaining its sparkle could not be subdued and from as early as midday, it was clear to see that indeed there would be a night of drama and explosion.

DJ after DJ came onto the stage and whipped up a storm for a crowd that just couldn’t have enough of the fun.

It was a great chance for the locals to also connect in the flesh with their local heroes and DJs with a beautiful aura coming out of Fiona Ncube, for example, who has mellowed in perfectly to become another wonder of Kariba endowed with talent and charisma.

The radio personality has become the embodiment of the perfect sense in raising new heroes in radio  from previously unknown characters like she was little over two years ago.

And with a talented team captained by the legendary Davies Mugadza, there is every sense in growing the event from strength to strength to become a premier must attend music festival in the same mould as the Lake Of Stars, Bushfire Festival, Harare International Festival of the Arts and indeed the Joy Of Jazz, all of which have become household names in Southern Africa from Malawi, ESwathini, Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively.

With the ability to draw attendees from the neighbouring Zambia, the transnational potential of the festival, if handled with suave precision and professionalism will mean it will explode beyond national frontiers.

Come the end of the festival, tonnes of sweat had been shed, fists had flown, legs had been exhausted, voices were hoarse and the legends had left their mark in entertaining the massive crowd in attendance.

“It is always a great feeling for Game Recognise Game to play at such events and we feel great being part of this audience,” said DJ Ash Stylez who had had a great day in the office.

Fiona Ncube ZiHeavy Machine showed just why she is called a gigantic machine; “well it was exciting to see people from all parts of Zimbabwe coming to celebrate what we have to offer in Kariba. I hope those who missed this year will manage to attend next year. I felt like people now know there is Nyaminyami FM in Kariba

With the added ingredients, Nyaminyami festival is sitting on the threshold of blinding brightness and uncontainable growth!

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