Pakistan to deepen relations with Zimbabwe

09 Aug, 2022 - 00:08 0 Views
Pakistan to deepen relations with Zimbabwe Pakistani Ambassador to Zimbabwe Murad Baseer

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Ivan Zhakata-Herald Correspondent

Pakistani Ambassador to Zimbabwe Murad Baseer said Zimbabwe and Pakistan should deepen their bilateral relations and strengthen cooperation in defence and agriculture sectors for the good of their people.

In an interview on the sidelines of the Kashmir Day celebrations held at the Embassy of Pakistan on Sunday, Ambassador Baseer said Pakistan and Zimbabwe were friends and they were ready to support Zimbabwe.

Kashmir Day is a national holiday in Pakistan celebrated annually on August 5 and has been observed since.

Ambassador Baseer said the relations between the two countries dates back to as far as pre-independence when Pakistan trained Zimbabwean soldiers during the liberation struggle.

He also said that they were also against the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the West and were ready to support the country.

“We are against sanctions on Zimbabwe because we believe that they are unjust and uncalled for, for a rich country not only rich in resources but the people and history,” Ambassador Baseer said.

“I want to make sure that the bonds of friendship which were formed at the time of independence goes to another level. We would want to come up with new ideas and new avenues of cooperation. When I met President Mnangagwa to present my credentials I told him that my interest would be to focus on deepening the relations between Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

“Our people are very much interested in investing in Zimbabwe, especially in agriculture. We believe that Zimbabwe has a huge market and Pakistan can benefit. I am happy to be in Zimbabwe and I want to enhance the bilateral cooperation. I want people to come to Harare again and appreciate the country.”

The event was attended by various ambassadors and the Pakistani community.

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