Overcoming doubt

DoubtBishop Dr B Manjoro Dunamis
‘FOR verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.’ Mark 11:23.
This is a powerful teaching of the Word of God with regards to the power of declarations. Declarations are powerful. We realised in the past weeks how much we need to grasp and possess the promises of God. Today we will look at one of the hindrances to the fruition of what we declare in pursuing the promises – doubt. You could have been wondering how come you declare but don’t seem to see the fruit of what you say when the Word of God teaches us that one could even tell a mountain to pick itself up and plunge into the sea it will be so! O hallelujah. The Word of God is powerful, read on!

The reason why oftentimes we see no result of our declaration is because we do not believe what we say or the promises. Yeah we say it but we do not believe it – we just say it! This is the reason our key text above said if you say what you say and ‘shall not doubt’ in your heart you shall have whatsoever you say. The hidden thing about doubt is that it’s in the heart so one can say and appear like they believe yet they don’t.

Friend listen to this key on how to make your declarations powerful – do not declare what you do not believe. The bible has an interesting story of a man who had a son tormented by a demonic spirit; it would often throw him in fire or water. He brought him to Jesus after the disciples could not cast it out, who asked him ‘Do you believe I can do it?’ And the man said ‘I believe Lord, help my unbelief.’ Believing is powerful and to all that believe; all things are possible! Your situation can change, the sickness can be broken. It can depart and disappear. Oh hallelujah!

You could be saying to yourself right now, ‘Eeeh but Bishop, I have been to church and have been laid hands on, how come my disease is not going?’ Right, you ask well. The first problem is that it’s your ‘disease’ like you said ‘my disease.’ You need to change such negative declaration – if you personalise a disease as your thing it becomes a part of you even if pastors pray for you! So what do I do pastor? Lift up your faith and say to yourself ‘this sickness is not a part of me – you are a parasite – Get out of my body!’ Depart and disappear in Jesus name! If you say this with faith in your heart you get it done in your life. Oh hallelujah, this will work not only on diseases but on any situation in your life be it in your marriage, at work, at school and even in your finances.

Declare a declaration today and you will see it come to pass! Do not even fear to say things that you want to change in your life; say it! Fear is not a part of the kingdom. It’s a spirit. Let that spirit be broken in your life right now in Jesus name! Be free from fear; fear of the past, fear of failure, fear of people – and all manner of fear in Jesus name.

One could be saying now, ‘But eeh pastor I have been declaring with all of my heart but still I have not been seeing much progress or results.’ Listen to the second key besides believing what you say.

Don’t just say something, even if you believe it – SAY WHAT HE SAID! That’s where the Word of God comes in for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

Your believing should not be based on self or anything else except in the Word of God. Stand on the Word of God. You tell Him ‘Master you said you will give me wherever my foot shall step on!’ Mwari anonyara kusaita  zvaakavimbisa (God will be ashamed not to fulfil what He promised).

He cannot lie! When He says something, He means it and it will surely come to pass, O hallelujah! Years ago driving with my wife, we parked in some place and I got out of the car. Immediately I heard ‘Here you shall build!’ It was clear and in my heart I knew He had said it! I quickly said what He said and asked my wife to pick some flowers from the place as a memorial for I believed those flowers we would see them no more! Surely as He said it back in 1993, and I also said what He said, so is it today in the very place He said ‘Here you shall build!’ Ooh hallelujah! What is it you are believing God for? A piece of property? A breakthrough in your marriage? God is able! God is able! God is able! Hallelujah, believe God – say what He said.

When I say ‘Say what He said’, someone could get depressed thinking Ooh maybe what I want God has not said it.
Ooh friend Hold it right there! All you will ever want or need in life, God has already said it in His Word! What is it you can think of? He said it already in His Word. Lands, properties, health, brothers, sisters and all you need He said it. In abundance! The only thing He did not promise in abundance is a wife – you will only have one.  He promised one. One man – one woman. Hallelujah! He said all you can think of in His Word and when you say His Word you get what He said. Declare what God has said. Don’t doubt it, believe it, say it – it will surely come to pass. Remind him of his Word and promise about your children, your family, your finances, your protection – No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Isaiah 54:17.

This is your season for divine provisions; divine protection and open doors. In this month of October I declare all the promises of God in your life, family and all areas of your life. The blessing and the promises are yours for the taking in Jesus name. Don’t doubt. For with God all things are possible; Mark 10:27.

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