Over 4.3 million people receive first Covid -19 vaccine doses

Lesego Valela Features Writer

Zimbabwe has recorded 242 515 Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic early 2020 .

According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC), a total of 158 new cases were recorded as at March 13 2022.

Recoveries stood at a cumulative 32 205 with 505 being recorded on March 13.

National Recovery rate remains at 96 percent and active cases go down to 4 896.

The country has also recorded a cumulative 5 414 deaths with zero being recorded on March 13.

As of March 13, there 57 hospitalized cases were recorded with three new admissions.   There were seven asymptomatic cases, mild to moderate 44, severe cases were six and intensive care zero.

A total of 4 394 336 people have received their first vaccine doses surpassing the 4.3 million mark since the vaccination programme started in February 2021 to date.

A total of 1 517 received the first dose on March 13 bringing cumulative for first dose to 4 394 336.

Those who received their second dose totaled 1 413 bringing the cumulative figure to 3 426 112.

Another 1 556 received their third dose bringing cumulative for the third dose to 159 628.

Manicaland province has the highest number of people vaccinated with both doses recording a total of 614 805 for the first dose and 484 585 people for the second dose.

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