Out-of-town council workshops banned

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Out-of-town council workshops banned Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo

The Herald

Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Correspondent
Government has, with immediate effect, banned local authorities from conducting workshops or trainings outside their jurisdiction, a move set to curb rampant abuse of ratepayers’ money at the expense of service delivery.

Harare City Council is among the local authorities that were abusing ratepayers’ funds after it recently spent a whopping $1,2 million on hotel expenses, travelling and out-of-pocket allowances in a space of three months.

In a circular addressed to councils, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing acting secretary Joseph Mhakayakora said Minister July Moyo has sanctioned the restriction.

“The Honourable has placed a restriction on the holding of workshops, seminars, training and similar events outside of the council jurisdiction in the case of urban councils and outside the administrative district in the case of Rural District Councils unless authority to hold a function at an alternative venue has been sanctioned by the permanent secretary.

“Any council wishing to hold a function outside the limits given should make submission to the permanent secretary, in writing giving justifications for same,” he said.

Mr Mhakayakora said the ministry had also reviewed allowances and perks for councils depending on size and on performance.

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