Original Mbira DzeNharira members reunite for show

19 Aug, 2016 - 00:08 0 Views

The Herald

Naledi Sande : Arts Reporter

Original members of Mbira Dzenharira will tonight have their first reunion show at The Volt since the group split. It will be a great mbira reunion that is set to take fans down memory lane to the good old days when the group still had its founding members. Now leaders of different groups namely Mawungira eNharira, Mbira dzeNharira, Nhare Dzechirorodziva and Mbira Dzemuringa the gwenyambiras will make one group in a concert called “Bira Rendangariro”.When the original “Mbira Dzenharira” split, three other groups came into existence.

These are Mawungira eNharira, led by Wilfred MaAfrika who is popularly known as Nyamasvisva and has been gracing the mbira scene in Zimbabwe since 2005.

The other two groups are Nhare Dzechirorodziva led by Chrispen Munjondi and Mbira dzeMuringa founded by Micah Munemo.

Nyamasvisva said that the fans encouraged them to come together and perform as one team.

“We decided to go back to where we started since there were so many fans who had been requesting us to do so,” he said.

Gahamadze of Mbira dzeNharira stated that it was an initiative that is bringing together the original Mbira dzeNharira.

He said, “Tati timboita tichimbofunga dzakare kare since taimboimba tose kare. (We have decided to reunite since we worked together before)”

However, the reunion is only for tonight’s show and they will remain separate groups but the two confirmed that they will occasionally perform together whenever they can.

Nyamasvisva said, “The reunion is just for this show but we will see how the fans receives us and see where we can go. We will still continue to meet for shows and everything but we will still remain separate groups.”

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