Organisers pour cold water on Burna Boy’s show

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Organisers pour cold water on Burna Boy’s show Burna Boy

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Senior Arts Reporter

Imagine dressing up for the occasion and getting there on notified time, and forced to wait for four hours? Yes I mean not one, not two, not three but four hours. That is what we call being extremely disorganised!

Someone told me if you become “too organised” you end up jumbled.

It seems the Nigerian singer Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu affectionately known as Burna Boy was “way too big” for the organisers of his Friday gig. 

 They failed the integrity test. 

Should we say the organisers, suffered obsessive-compulsive personality disorder which is characterised by a pervasive preoccupation with orderliness, perfectionism, and control (with no room for flexibility) that ultimately slows or interferes with completing a task?

It came as a prophesy, just like Burna Boy’s song “Way too big” as they did not only meet the international standards of the superstar as the show was mired in disorder.

Well, without being jealous on the well-polished act by Burna Boy that came after hours of angry waiting. Social media went abuzz with a praise-singing story deliberately avoiding the disorganisation that was too brazen for all to see and witness.

But truth be told and for the betterment of the industry, those so called social media worriers did not do justice to the nation as they only shared the positive side.

Yes, they always say that, for development let’s focus on the positive side but how then do we improve and grow as an arts industry when all we just do it to lie and buttress each other?

In fact, journalism is writing what you have seen, experienced, heard and balance it with facts and therefore you can be respected. 

Do not be fooled by social media as some of them will have an agenda.

We know for a fact that this article will not be shared just as pictures and videos of Burna Boy concert because no one wants the truth as will be ashamed to be exposed.

We should be objective in our reportage, especially on these international shows as this will help the next show organisers.

Not to dilute your “minions-mind” about the show, it was all confusion.

My apologies, I am not Destiny’s Child who sang “Say My Name”, henceforth I am not pinpointing on anyone but it’s a call in the arts industry, not to buttress with social media.

Remember Winky D once sang, “Mirai Kusimbisana Pazvikona”.

Hate or love me, someone has to say it and that someone is unfortunately, me.

Yes, and all the stage was big and of international standards but that is not new especially with Events Evolution. That is their job to hit the standards and they do it perfectly well.

Kudos to you Events Evolution and stage was managed well just the time management.

Beside, there is much ado about nothing on the stage set up, it has become a trademark.

Burna Boy was brought in the country by show promoter Hidden Culture in conjunction with Kayse Connect, but the team proved to be organised, professional on paper but failed to execute their plan.

In an interview they said Burna Boy would perform for 90 minutes and everyone was happy.

Burna Boy came, saw and conquered.

The show started late and ended wee hours of Sunday morning.

They breached the curfew hours too.

Are we too ignoring that?

Jah Prayzah was scheduled to perform at 1930hrs while Burna Boy was slated at 2030hrs, but each performed two hours later.


We shot ourselves in the foot as we didn’t stick to the script.

Thank God, you had the “salads” crowd, although they were impatient and agitated they were busy taking selfies, buying shawamars, not forgetting the jamboree at the 360 booth spree.

It seems we now taking fans for granted, knowing they can’t do anything about time but just to wait.

Hello, it was freezing and no apology for late start.

Then the biggest loss for the show promoter was the ticketing issue.

Revellers at the gate had to present the ticket and no band or tag or stamp to show that you have paid and you can enter. 

Maybe it was because the tags were few.

As this was not enough, the tickets were only checked by hand and put aside, what we noticed was that they were never torn on presentation as is the norm. Those at the gate took them back and sold them at a cheaper price.

The show promoter was buried alive. 

That was the biggest loss.

Tickets were openly recycled.

Again, it was a mammoth task to enter into the venue not as a general ticket holder but the VIP.

Some even took hours in the queue, seems that was the reason of late start of the show because they wanted a crowd to start.

They failed to control the crowd at the entrance.

Then they brought South African based Zimbabwean model and television presenter Kimberly Robinson (Kim Jayde) to be the hostess while Joburg finest disc jockey Arnold Mdluli, better known as Kyotic was supporting act.

Come on, boy oh boy!

Let’s start with Kim Jayde, she is international we agree, but what we failed to pick was that was she the best candidate of the show.

Good for her as she only had few moments on stage but had no chemistry with fans and it ended a dump squib.

She thought it was like the “Girls Coachella” and lost it. 

Then Dj Kyotic, well, he lived up to billing, he did what he knew best, playing for the international standard and obvious social media “You Tube” market no the Zimbabwean market. He lost it too. 

Fans and revellers were at their other business while he was busy dishing out foreign music and yet this was an opportunity for the local music to shine also and raise the tempo of the show ahead.

The fans were certainly bored, ignored the international music and turned to food ,selfies and playing at the 360 booth. What an embarrassment? 

Jah Prayzah came with a high energy well and choreographed act. 

His opening was spectacular.

It was only the sound system which was here and there affecting his performance.

Even his road manager and comedian Lloyd Kurima, popularly known as Mabla 10, confessed on loud speaker to fans about the glitches.

Was it a joke or not, one wonders?

Jah Prayzah put up a scintillating performance and the ice was when he brought Tamy Moyo on stage as a surprise act as they did their song, “Kuteera”.

However, some were of the opinion that his playlist was weak as it had no vibe.

Was he reserving the songs for the Ok Grand Challenge.

Man of the moment, Grammy winner Burna Boy, burned everyone with his thrilling performance.

What our local musician must appreciate and learn from the “giant” is the well-organized act.

He had the live band and had also the backtrack playing.

His production was on fire and kudos to that.

He had connection with the fans and kept them glued, listening, sing along to every track. 

It seems he was at the O2 Arena or Billboard Awards as it was flawless, well-coordinated and live.

Definitely he deserves another Grammy award.

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