Optimism over ED Presidency

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Optimism over  ED Presidency President Mnangagwa

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President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Patrick Chitumba Midlands Bureau Chief
People in Midlands province have welcomed the swearing-in of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying they were optimistic about the future of the country in his capable hands.

President Mnangagwa was sworn in as the country’s second Executive President at the giant National Sports Stadium in Harare on Friday.

In bottle stores, homes, clubs and workplaces, people in Kwekwe, Gweru, Gokwe and other places in the province patiently followed the swearing-in proceedings on television and radio.

Gweru Town Clerk Ms Elizabeth Gwatipedza said President Mnangagwa was a man oriented to development.

She said local authorities were going to benefit from his astute leadership.

“The new President is a man of development because he is a business-minded person, a strategist who is focused, a man of integrity and action, honest to the bone marrow,” said Ms Gwatipedza.

“Cde Mnangagwa, when he says something, he stands by his word. Cde Mnangagwa will tackle Zimbabwe’s challenges head-on without wasting time. He is a man who is just, firm and with this quality, corruption in the country would be a thing of the past.”

Ms Gwatipedza added: “When a man is good for the development of the country, local authorities have a direct benefit to such efforts. Development touches on the livelihoods of our community and has a direct bearing on our ratepayers. We believe prices of services will go down to where they were before the economic madness.”

President Mnangagwa, Ms Gwatipedza said, made reassuring remarks, particularly on job creation and economic development.

“Companies and industries would be revived and this will lead to employment creation,” she said. “Once employed, people would have money to pay for the services they consume and, in turn, as City of Gweru, we will be able to offer better services.”

Gokwe town secretary Ms Melania Mandeya said the ascendancy of President Mnangagwa would likely improve foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into the country.

“Gokwe town is supported by the cotton farming industry,” she said. “Gokwe depends on cotton farmers and President Mnangagwa said land should be utilised fully. He said civil servants should work very hard and those points point to a brighter future. As Gokwe, we feel even our fortunes will change so that we become pro-service delivery.”

Ms Mandeya said peace and security for all, as stated by President Mnangagwa in his inauguration speech, were of paramount importance as Zimbabwe moved a step further in its history.

“We are not going to sleep as a local authority,” she said. “From the workers, management and councillors, we are going to work hard and support our President so that Zimbabwe forges ahead in socio-economic development.”

Mr Michael Chinike, a resident from Gweru’s Mkoba 19 suburb, said President Mnangagwa’s assurance that all investments would be safe in Zimbabwe would likely attract international partners.

“The President also said the cash crunch will be attended to and corruption will be dealt with,” he said.

“We are happy because it is high time we do away with corruption that is eating the economic and moral fibre of the country.”

Bishop Kendros Mugabe of the Kwekwe-based Zvipo Zvomweya Apostolic Church, said all good things happen for those who wait according to the will of God.

“This day was made by God and we must always cherish what the Lord does for us,” he said. “We wish President Mnangagwa a long life and lead the country into prosperity. All good things come at the right time for those who wait on the Lord.”

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