Opposition media fibs won’t rescue ailing MDC-A

05 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Opposition media fibs  won’t rescue ailing MDC-A Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa

The Herald

Fungi Kwaramba
Political Editor
THE ever splintering MDC is in the  intensive care unit but would rather find solace and comfort in creating non-existent ailments in the ruling party, Zanu PF through sympathetic media outlets.

However, this will not find any form or substance as the ruling party has mechanisms of silencing such desperate quislings poking their noses into the recently held Zanu PF provincial elections.

In an interview, Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Chris Mutsvangwa pooh-poohed the desperate attempts by a local private daily newspaper whose editorial comment of 4 January 2021 titled; “Zanu-PF poll meddling a harbinger to election crisis”, tried to create non-existent divisions in the revolutionary party.

“Newsday can hector a party that has fissures that span the whole A to Z alphabet with  MDC root acronyms.

“The splintered opposition is in dire need of  such lessons. Definitely more than the bally-hooed ills  and shortcomings of Zanu PF.

“A patient in terminal intensive care unit deserves a doctor’s attention more than a coughing outpatient.

“Newsday giving counsel to Zanu PF?  Since when does a leopard school a foal?” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

Today, the revolutionary party’s  Politburo will meet at the party’s headquarters where it is expected to deliberate on various issues, including the election results for provincial main wings, the women and youth leagues held recently.

On Friday, the ruling party announced preliminary election results for provincial main wings, the women’s and youth leagues, but warned at the weekend that it would take disciplinary measures against members who committed acts of indiscipline during last week’s provincial elections.

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