Open letter to the family of Moreblessing Ali Moreblessing Ali

As Director of Information and Publicity for ZANU PF, I seek through this open letter to communicate our heartfelt condolences on the tragedy that your family is going through following the kidnapping, disappearance and murder of your sister and mother Ms Moreblessing Ali. 

May the Lord, comfort you all as you look for answers of the sad and callous circumstances leading to her murder. You have our full support and sympathies as ZANU PF and may her soul rest in eternal peace. It is our sincere hope that law enforcement agents will uncover every truth leading to her unfortunate death. 

In the same vein, in my capacity as Director, I advise you all as friends, relatives and children of Ms Moreblessing Ali, to take notice of the malicious, unscrupulous, and scandalous attempts to manipulate her death by opposition elements and some sections of the media which seek to weaponise your grief against others who are grieving with you and looking for the same answers with you. I am pretty sure this is not what your family needs now. It is never too late for everyone to leave the police to do their work, and that those with any information leading to the arrest of the main suspect Pius Jamba who is at large now, to assist the police to speed up his arrest. 

I strongly, just as you do, believe that this suspect will give all of us the missing answers in the whole puzzle. I advise you to repel those seeking to score cheap political points out of the sad passing on of your relative. 

That is not what love, compassion and empathy is. We cannot cheat the dead in Africa. We must never undermine Ubuntu, no matter how bad our situation may be. Those seeking attention out of your grief and sad situation certainly have no respect for Moreblessing Ali, your mother and sister even in death. 

Once, again, may the Good LORD comfort your hearts, knowing that every one of us is mourning with you.


Tafadzwa Mugwadi

ZANU PF Director for Information and Publicity

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