Osita Iheme, the midget actor, is nothing but image. The Nollywood actor popularly called Pawpaw in Nollywood and the other half of Tom and Jerry in Zimbabwe frowned at people who see him as a small boy. In one of his interviews, Osita bemoaned how people viewed him. He expressed his disappointment about people seeing him as a child.
“If you are a child in a drama, in real life you are not a child. You do not need to behave like a child.
“Yes, a lot of people mistake me for a child in real life, but that is their problem.

“I am not a child. I do not think I look like a child. I do not allow that to bother me because I am not seeing it.
“People can see me and take me as a child, but that person is not with his senses because from the way I dress, the way I look, I do not think I am looking like a child.

“People can meet me at first and have a spontaneous reaction of seeing a child but when they sit down and look very well, they would understand that I am not a child.”

Truly, will a child invest in real estate as Osita has done? Will a child have series of girls admiring him?
Will a child go to a strip club to have his eyes filled with excitement and eventually go home with one of the hot dancers?
“A child will not do that, only Pawpaw can!” — Nigeria- films.

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