‘Officials sabotaging council resolutions’ Mrs Ncube
Mrs Ncube

Mrs Ncube

Innocent Ruwende Municipal Reporter
Councillors have warned Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube that they will “deal with her” unless her subordinates implement council resolutions and ensure all pay their accounts.

The councillors complained that council was making resolutions, which should help council to raise funds for service delivery, and offset salary arrears, but city officials were not implementing the resolutions.

Mbare councillor Anthony Shangadeya said Mrs Ncube was being let down by of- ficials.

“The (acting) town clerk is being let down by officials. She should whip them into line or else something will happen to her,” he said.

Mabvuku councillor Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi said councillors had discussed various strategies which council could use in order to raise money, but the resolutions were not implemented.

“We have discussed various ways of raising money but implementation is lacking. Officials should implement what we resolve in council meetings,” he said.

Informal sector committee chairperson Clr Wilton Njanjazi complained that council was spending money on workshops for the same employees who were “sabotaging” council.

“Why should we send workers to workshops when they are the same persons sabotaging council?” he asked.

Human resources and general purposes committee chairperson Clr Wellington Chikombo argued that the workshops attended by officials were beneficial to council.

“The workshops are beneficial. She (acting town clerk) has enough mandate to deal with anyone who reports to her,” he said.

Mbare councillor Martin Matinyanya said council should identify underperforming workers and relieve them of their duties.

The councillors were deliberating on the payment of salary arrears.

According to the finance and development committee minutes Mrs Ncube told councillors that all employees had been paid their December 2015 salaries and efforts were now on the payment of January 2016 sal- aries.

“The committee was also advised of various strategies under consideration to raise revenue for the various council operations.

“The committee was further advised that the alleged payment of two month salary arrears was not currently feasible taking into account the low revenue inflows.

“The acting town clerk expressed optimism that the various strategies under consideration would yield results and progress reports would be submitted to the committee,” read the minutes.

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