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Of women stockings and men’s socks

04 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
Of women stockings and men’s socks

The Herald

Fashion 263 Tafadzwa Zimoyo

It is July and I hope I find you well.

Nothing much has changed, just stay safe and move with your face mask all the time.

I was having a conversation with my colleague about socks and stockings while driving to work.

Unfortunately, upon arrival to work at the reception elevator, we noticed one lady with pantihose socks which had a small hole or should I say a bit torn though not heavily torn.

She was confident and did not notice the stocking part.

Generally, stockings and socks have become more popular. For women it is all about the detailed pantihose or the fishnet socks, while men are donning the trendy happy socks.

They are not usually talked about when people talk about fashion, because they think they are not important in that manner like underwear.

They play an important part as when you want to grab the best attention on your outfit is to have something that catches the eye.

With a significant portion of men and women wearing some form of dress pants and a button-up to work on a daily basis, finding a pair of socks or stockings to complement your look can make an outfit look fresh and exciting.

So for a start, men socks are the in thing and you should budget with every outfit you buy.

Here are quick guides for men on socks:

1: Perfect Match

Socks can be used in a complementary capacity as well.

They serve as an enhancer to the perfect meal starter, the lemon wedge if you want to put it that way. If you have a pair of socks matching that colour, you immediately have eyes checking both levels of your attire without one stealing the show. Everything has a spot to shine, and you look more organised and stylish.

2: The designer label

Unlike a lot of high-quality shirts or accessories, the pricing of socks is pretty modest. They might be Louis Vutton, Prada or Givenchy but you need to understand that they should be darker in colour so that they match your suit at work. Avoid being colourful otherwise you end up like a clown, rather stick to happy socks. Please do not wear white socks to work, leave that for artists on stage.

3: Wash the socks

I know most men would agree with me that sometimes one can wear same socks four to five times a week. Gentlemen, it is not healthy to wear socks many times without washing them. Remember the sweat and the smell. Socks are the cheapest of them all on fashion accessories.

For ladies, earlier stockings were worn mainly for more practical reasons such as warmth.

Some said that in the early in the 90s stockings started to become more popular because women’s skirts and dresses began to get a bit shorter and it was still not acceptable to show off legs.

They became trendy with nurses donning them with their white uniform and if a lady was seen wearing them, people would respect her as much as they became a status symbol.

Ladies then began wearing stockings which are affectionately known as pantihose.

According to ladies you should buy stockings that match your skin tone if you want to look more professional in that costume but now with trendy ideas you can even wear dark black but they are left for winter side.

Apart from wearing them during the day and taking them off before going to bed, make sure they fit and if not, you are allowed to put on tights on top of them to avoid embarrassment.

On fishnet, you should know occasions where to wear them otherwise you might be mistaken for a prostitute or stripper.

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