Of Christmas spirit, 13th cheque, Covid-19

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Of Christmas spirit, 13th cheque, Covid-19 The new normal in churches

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Blessings Chidakwa Lifestyle Writer

Christmas day is just like a celebration — it has many different outfits, but always wears the same beautiful dancing shoes.

Christmas is far more important than how much money you can spend. It is the feeling associated with it, which is just awesome.

Christmas is a day with different connotations from all sects across the globe.

The bottom line is people still celebrate it anyway, some associate it with merry-making and others worship.

It is that time of the year when people across the world are in a festive mood, and their consumption habits are inflated by the season’s excitement which is normally punctuated by partying and dining among families and friends.

In Zimbabwe, Harare in particular, to show how much Christmas is valued, one only needs to see the amount of thorough preparations by households, companies and shops for Christmas.

As December steadily approaches, families and individuals have started to make preparations in anticipation of outstanding Christmas celebrations.

In most areas, colourful and beautiful Christmas decorations are now slowly becoming visible, putting up with a high level of expertise, sophistication and artistry.

Most of these decorations are basically designed to catch the eye of passers-by.

Grocery, furniture and fashion shops, among others, use these to attract customers with the hope of making increased sales during Christmas.

Christmas promotions are also being run, but at a lower scale compared to the previous seasons.

Whatever the case, people still remain hopeful of a brighter, enjoyable holiday.

Especially, with the civil servants getting their 13th check in foreign currency, it can certainly be a different outing altogether, a very good day to remember.

Some people will likely overspend through buying expensive goods and groceries, while others may prefer to travel in order to strengthen family bonds.

While the bonus may not do much at a wider scale considering other various life commitments, still at a family level it may be enough for one to have a measure of enjoyment.

Also, the economic stability enjoyed during the better part of the year gave most people an opportunity to properly plan for the holiday.

Children can still have that opportunity to wear their beautiful outfits, eat a piece of cake and of course their favourite delicacy.

Even beer guzzlers, who always want to ‘hijack’ and celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ in their own way, can afford one or two.

I think it is the only day when the heavens may forgive the mother earth, as imbibers will be on cloud nine enjoying the birth of the son of God.

Whether they know the meaning of Christmas or not is a story for another day, but one thing for sure is they will be happy.

Blessed is the mother who gives birth to a brewer! Some people just love beer, of all the ingredients used to make it, it would appear the brewers added happiness.

But beer, despite bringing some happiness, has often proved to offer temporary enjoyment.

Many have died as a result of beer, while equally many others have lost their limbs and other body parts, and still many others are walking with a limp all because of beer.

The end can be nasty if drinkers do not carefully manage their drinking habits, especially this festive season with so much travel and unnecessary interactions.

Many are living in regret as a result of beer because drunkenness usually brings recklessness in some.

As we approach Christmas and with the Covid-19 pandemic still upon us, the law enforcement agents will surely have a torrid time to check on compliance of the Government and World Health Organisation protocols.

The situation could actually be worse with the new more potent Covid-19 variant  being discovered in South Africa just a few weeks before the Christmas celebrations.

It would not be surprising if we enter the Christmas season under a tight lockdown considering the high number of people who usually return home from South Africa during this period.

Business should not only focus on profiteering this Christmas season. It will only take responsible citizens to observe the clearly laid down Covid-19 procedures that includes limiting the number of people at the popular joints.

While it may be easy to limit the number of people in closed doors, it may be a mammoth task for the security forces to monitor open outdoor venues like Lake Chivero and KwaMereki.

Whatever the case, the law enforcement agents should remain vigilant while the people should also behave responsibly.

Covid-19 has been on a decline over the past few weeks, but now there seems to be a new surge and all necessary precautions must be observed.

Never forget the switching on of the Christmas lights. A carnival atmosphere usually engulfs cities and towns during the switching on ceremony.

Nevertheless, there is a mixed feeling over this year’s celebrations with some fearing for a possible tighter lockdown due to the threat of Covid-19 .

Others are hopeful that the current lockdown restriction measures will be maintained if people observe the Government and WHO regulations.

Above all these fears, one easily noticeable focus is on Christmas, which indeed occupies a special place in people’s hearts.

Mrs Roselyn Karongwe said Christmas will largely be an indoor event for her family this time around.

“Most joints will be limiting people due to Covid-19, so it will just be a home thing,” she said.

“Also, for fear of exposing my kids and myself to the pandemic I would rather prefer indoors as popular places will be flooded by people from all walks of life.”

A Budiriro resident Mr Emmanuel Kuyera said Christmas was such a precious moment that unites families and friends which should be celebrated to its fullest.

“We are aware of the Covid-19, but we will be extremely cautious,” he said.

“Our plea is that only vaccinated patrons should be allowed at public places like restaurants and bars as stipulated by the Government.”

Rudo Katsvera said: “The law is clearly stipulated, but must be adhered to. I am wishing for such a delightful experience to be lit up with many events as many people meet at several destinations just to have fun and to enjoy”.

A bar owner, Mr Tendai Karwe, was wishing for the best.

“I hope the current lockdown measures will remain the same to allow us to make ends meet,” he said.

“Remember, bars and nightclubs have been closed for a long time and we want to maximise on the holidays and festival season.”

All eyes are now on the Harare City Council to keep the festive spirit alive, give glitter to the city as they lighten up the Africa Unity Square and First Street with Christmas lights.

The city council usually lights up the city in the first week of December and it remains to be seen when the lights will be on this time around.

Workers cannot wait for the expected end of year Christmas parties that are usually hosted by corporates to mark the end of business for the year and the start of the festive season shutdown period.

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