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Of Black Friday, glitz and glam

30 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
Of Black Friday, glitz and glam Desmond Zhakata

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Yesterday was Black Friday all over the world and some fashionistas and shopaholics went crazy trying to grab everything they could.

I hope you managed to get one or two ahead of the festive season.
For those who don’t know — “Black Friday” is the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving originally given this name because the volume of shoppers created traffic accidents and some extent even violence.

Thanksgiving a borrowed phenomenon, comes before Christmas.
So, last weekend the Permican Gospel Awards were held at the City Sports Centre after two years of absence.
The awards are held to honour the achievements by local gospel musicians and part of the awards ceremony were the red carpet moments that made fashion statements.

For a start, let me congratulate the organisers for a job well done. The stage work, lightning and performances were all on point. Like they say, even in an apple tree you will always find the bad one.

The organisers managed to put up a glitz razzmatazz event but they were poor on the coordination.
Such a big event should avoid hiccups.

Somehow, they failed to play backtracks or even display pictures of winners each time a winner was called on stage. Some award presenters acted like they came straight from moon to earth, not knowing what was happening.
That is the reason why people are called for rehearsals.

What the organisers did to make the show boring was, each time they called the presenters on stage, it took about some minutes to usher them while everyone was looking, which is not the standard of the show. But well, we are “still learning”.

I think they were asleep the past two years, forgetting to “really” plan or they failed to do division of labour as most of the job was centred on one person, “Mr Superman”.
I rest my case on that, see you next year.

On to the red carpet, that is where all the fireworks and sparks were made.
Let me salute the local gospel musicians, who came up dressed for the occasion and were on fire.
The red carpet had a “commentary section”, where celebrities were judged live on air.

Hosted by Karen Paida, YaTina and Anesu Mhembere, the team displayed well-polished interviews, giving the viewers a run for their money.

My top pick best dressed of the night were, the host for obvious reasons, Miss Becky (Rebecca Mushenje) and MisRed (Samantha Mussa), Rachel J, Jonah Chivasa, Pastor Shacky Timburwa, Tembalami and wife, Tafadzwa Mukaro, Minister Mahendere, Madam Boss and Janet Manyowa.

Red carpet interviews are just different from other formal interviews because you are free to express yourself and you too can tell the interviewer what you want to be asked pertaining to fashion.

The team had a mishap when Madam Boss came on the red carpet and initially did not want to be interviewed for various reasons but later agreed.

Let me start with the two lady hosts Miss Becky and MisRed, kudos to them for dressing up so well and this time around they actually did their homework with their styles as everything was on point from hair to make-up.
Miss Becky wore a jumpsuit, something Christians will say, “nah” to, but she pulled it well.

MisRed chose to wear a gold-silver gown, with one arm bow-tie style and it fitted her well. As the hosts, the two ladies did not disappoint, each time they appeared on stage, they brought light and sparkle.

On to the gentleman side, Jonah Chivasa and Pastor Shacky Timburwa were the best dressed as their sense of style was different from the rest.
They chose to look subtle but rich and classy. Well done gents.

It seems fashion is moving away from my cool man, Tich Mataz, another host of the night. Considering he was once blasted and grilled by fashion police on previous awards, we thought he was going to shock us but he chose to go a different route.
It is true that fashion is what designers give us four times a year (each season) while style is what you choose. I like how the Zimbabweans are embracing the fashion culture especially the men.

Adios November!!!

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