Odinga campaigns in his hometown

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Odinga campaigns in his hometown Raila Odinga

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Kenya’s long-time opposition leader and the head of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Raila Odinga held presidential election campaigns in his hometown in Bondo Siaya County, Kenya. 

Odinga, in his address, promised to address issues of education, corruption and poverty if elected in the 9th August election. 

“There are four enemies that Kenyans are struggling with: poor health, ignorance, poverty, and corruption. And I have given you my word that I will fight so hard to end these four enemies of Kenya. As Azimio we shall establish free education from early childhood to university and this will end ignorance,” said Raila Odinga. 

But to many Kenyans, the high cost of living has been a burden to most of them. Some blame it on the rampant corruption and unemployment among the people rendering them helpless. 

“If you look at them, they are spending millions, billions in doing the campaigns, and some of this money has been stolen from the public. And when they come there they tell you that they are for the common mwanainchi (common man), common mwanainchi walks barefoot, and the common mwanainchi doesn’t have food to eat. 

The cost of living has risen so much high even the employed like us, we are crying for it, but these people are using a lot of money,” said Benard Ooko, a supporter of the ODM party and resident of Siaya. 

Some supporters have questioned the high amount of money being used by different politicians to conduct their campaigns due to a lack of accountability. — africanews

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