O-Level results out


Abigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
November 2015 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (zimsec) Ordinary level results are out and have since been dispatched to regional offices for collection.

Candidates who sat for the examination started collecting their results from their respective schools and centres yesterday.

In a statement yesterday, zimsec director Mr Esau Nhandara said there has been an increase in the pass rate for November 2015 as compared to the previous year.

“The total number of candidates who sat for the November 2015 O-Level examination was 310 917. School candidates who wrote five or more subjects were 156 418 and 43 581 obtained Grade C or better in five or more subjects, yielding a 27.76 percent pass rate.

“There is an increase in the pass rate from 2014 to 2015 of 5.48 percent. Private candidates who wrote five or more subjects were 23 235 and 2 791 obtained Grade C or better in five or more subjects, which also translates into a percentage pass rate of 12.01,” he said.

Mr Nhandara said the examination board had downscaled pass rates.

“This year, for the first time, we would like to highlight the percentage pass rate of all candidates who have attained a Grade E or better,” he said.

“At this level, candidates who obtain a grade E in a subject are considered to have passed and are given a certificate grade. Candidates who obtain a grade C or better are considered to have passed the subject with a credit.”

Mr Nhandara said of the 176 657 school candidates, 156 418 wrote five or more subjects resulting in 79 457 passing five or more subjects with a grade E or better which translates to a 50.79 percent pass rate.

He said out of the 134 260 private candidates, a total of 9 055 passed at least five subjects yielding a pass rate of 38.97 percent at grade E or better.

Mr Nhandara said the leakage of the November 2015 Mathematics paper had not had an effect on candidates countrywide hence there was no re-write.

“We are pleased to note that the leakage of the Mathematics paper in November 2015 was restricted to a small geographical area that is Harare and Seke. In this case 41 people were implicated and convicted.

“However, it is prudent to note that of these, only 14 were registered candidates. These 14 candidates have since had all their examination results cancelled and are barred from sitting any zimsec examination for the next two years, along with the penalties issued out by the courts of law,” he said.

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