Nyaminyami FM takes Kariba by storm

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Godwin Muzari recently in KARIBA
Zimpapers radio station Nyaminyami FM has taken Kariba by storm, with listeners in the area relishing the broadcaster that addresses issues from their community. Since it was established last year in January, the station has witnessed growth in listenership and has become the voice of Mashonaland West. Although it was mainly established to serve Kariba residents, the station’s reach stretches to parts of Karoi, Hurungwe and Mola.

Station manager Maxton Kanhema said the reach to other parts of the province is an advantage to them since they hope to spread their wings to all parts of the province and be a complete mirror of Mashonaland West.

“Our prime target is Kariba, but we have realised that feedback we are getting from other parts of the province that receive our transmission requires us to be broader. We will approach responsible authorities to request for wider coverage,” said Kanhema.

“People of Kariba are proud to have a station that addresses issues they can relate to. It talks about people and activities in the resort town. Everyone enjoys hearing stories about people, places and events they know. We are doing our best to ensure that they get best entertainment and news from Nyaminyami FM.”

The station’s programmes revolve on music, talk shows, news, sport and current affairs in general.

“Our station content is aimed at developmental and promotional attributes that will mould Kariba, and Mashonaland West at large, into a progressive space. Nyaminyami FM is a commercial radio station, situated and licensed to broadcast in Kariba. It has however grown into the voice of Mashonaland West. It is a profitable radio station that is yielding gainful results under Zimpapers,” noted Kanhema. Broadcasting in Shona, English and Tonga languages, Nyaminyami FM is making waves in the area like Lake Kariba. Kudakwashe Maenda of Mahombekombe in Kariba said the station has brought an exciting form of entertainment in the town.

“We never thought we would have our own radio station that explores our issues. I have been listening to it since January last year and I want to thank presenters for the information and music that they give us daily. It makes us proud of our town. We just wish it was a national station so that people out there might hear our stories,” said Maenda.

Another listener, Sheila Phiri from Nyamhunga, said the station and its name mean a lot to the residents of the town.

“Whoever chose the name of the station nailed it. Nyaminyami has for long been the symbol of Kariba. There are many myths and tales about the Nyaminyami snake and that name aptly resonates with Kariba. It tallies well with our community. We applaud the radio station for giving us a platform to express our views and to let us know about events and information in our town,” said Phiri.

Kanhema leads a team of popular producers/ presenters that include    King David, Given, ZiHeavy Machine, SisaTee, Obert, The Guy Next Door, MJ, Awesome and Mombela.

Also rocking the airwaves are voices of Mangena, Mhunumutema, Dr Coffee, Miss K, Billy B, Redd, Brooklyn, Zaadie, Tatmann, Lady G, Black Diamond, Mama Rachy, Aunty P, Uncle Bigs and Talent.

Kanhema is a seasoned media practitioner having spent time at SFM before joining the then Newsnet as a business reporter. He has extensively worked in the tourism sector where he actively marketed Kariba as a tourism destination of choice. He studied Journalism and Media Studies at the National University of Science and Technology and has also hosted the Kariba Business Expo for the past seven years, bringing business players from across the country to Kariba.

“Nyaminyami FM belongs to the people of Kariba. Views and aspirations of the people of Kariba will define the station,” said Kanhema.

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